How to unlock material farming in Zenless Zone Zero

There’s no escaping material farming in Zenless Zone Zero, which has an upgrade system for Agents, W-Engines, Abilities, and even Bangboo. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be using a lot of Battery to farm materials—here’s how.

How to farm for upgrade materials in Zenless Zone Zero – Battle Simulation Guide

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As a new player, the first thing you want to do is use up most (if not all) of your Batteries (energy) to allow them to continuously regenerate. Farming for upgrade materials is the easiest way to use Batteries in the early game as they will also contribute to your rapid progression.

To unlock material farming, just play the game until you do progressed to Chapter One and completed the trial Commission with Nekomata. You will be prompted to complete a goal that involves going to the HIA Club with the company car.

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In the HIA Club, talk to Berta open the Battle Simulation page, which will allow you to farm for Basic materials (level materials and Dennies), and Agent, W-Engine and Skill upgrade materials. Later in the game, you will also be able to farm for Tuning materials for Drivers (equivalent to Genshin Impact Artifacts).

After being introduced to the HIA Club, you will also receive a VR device in the Random Play Staff Room. It allows you to complete various combat and Agent tutorials, which are very helpful in understanding the gameplay of each Agent, but material farming is only available in the HIA Club. After unlocking the HIA Club for the first time, you will be able to teleport to its location via the map.

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When farming for materials, you can customize each battle plan to contain the number of enemies you want to fight. Each slot increases the number of enemy encounters in each battle, while also increasing the Battery Cost and number of rewards.

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Additionally, you will also be able to customize the enemy lineup in some stages, which allows you to customize your battle experience. It’s a great opportunity to fight against enemies that your team is strong against or to try out different combat situations, getting the same rewards.

Does Zenless Zone Zero have auto battles?

Unlike Honkai: Star Rail, Zenless Zone Zero does not have an automatic battle system, so you will have to farm for materials manually. On the bright side, you can customize the number of waves per battle to make it easier to get the exact number of materials you need. You can also customize the enemy lineup in some instances, so you can choose enemies that your team can quickly defeat to make the monotonous grind easier.

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