How to unlock Roland in Sakura Stand

The spec collection in Sakura Stand continues to evolve with the arrival of Roland aka The Black Silence. However, as is tradition, it is locked by default for everyone, so I put together this guide to help you unlock Roland in Roblox Sakura Stand.

How to get Roland in Sakura Stand

The only way to unlock a Roland type is by completing The Black Silence Quest in Sakura Stand. I was able to unlock the quest by meeting the following minimum requirements in the game:

  1. Achieve Mastery Level 6 or higher
  2. Equip Standless similar to Ichigo Kurosaki

Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with Roland and can bring it to the arena to use its magical powers. Its passive ability increases the damage by 1.25x and gives him new moves during the second phase. However, the damage sand is capped at 2x and the screen will flash when he arrives at a new phase.

How to complete The Black Silence quest in Sakura Stand

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The first step is to go to Dark Alley and talk to an NPC there. You’ll find the entrance to the Dark Alley next to a Luna NPC. Once inside, you’ll need to go through the maze to find the NPC by following these directions:

  • Left → Right → Right → Left → Straight → Left → Left → Right → Right → Left → Left.

Talk to it and it will give you a named quest “Collect black mask: 1” that you will need to complete before going to the next step. Remember I had to wait in the server for 10 minutes to start killing others and get the mask.

When you get the mask, equip the Black Mask and go to Untenanted Office to get the next quest from the NPC, who will ask you to complete the following objectives:

  1. Get 10 Kills
  2. Do 500 Non-Stance Damage

After completing these tasks, talk to the NPC in the office again and equip the fragment given by him. Equip the fragment and get ready to complete another quest.

Standing in front of an AMM NPC in Sakura Stand
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For this, go to the NPC sitting next to the cafe and he will give you a sequence that you will need further, so memorize this: Red, Green, Orange, White, Blue, Purple.

The next task is to find six colored numbers across the map, which you will need to solve a puzzle later in the Roland quest. The colors corresponding to each number may be different for everyone, but the locations are the same:

  • sky: Go to Heaven Obtention Place and go forward. When you reach Highest Peak, you’ll find it on the wall to the left of its entrance.
  • Hueco Mundo: On the wall to the right.
  • Hall of Heroes: You’ll find it on the pillar behind the second last plant on the left.
  • Ruined City: Drive into town and turn back. You will see it on the wall.
  • Ghetto NPC: On the wall on its right side
  • Library: Behind the plant inside the entrance of the Library

You have reached the final steps of the quest and to complete them, go to the Library and solve the Bookshelf puzzle.

Library in Sakura Stand
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Now you will have to interact with the bookshelf to match the sequence given by the NPC with the numbers you have and then, press the bookshelf representing those numbers.

  • How to make friends? – Red
  • Who is a middle knight? – Green
  • Gemstone Encyclopaedia – Orange
  • History of Halloween – White
  • Knight of Nights – Blue
  • Is Auddy the owner of Sakura Stand? – Purple
Interaction with Laptop in Sakura Stand
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Finally, interact with the laptop on the right side of the bookshelf, which will cost you 3000 per trial. Once done, collect the following items while fighting bosses to complete The Librarian’s Commission and receive Roland:

  • Allas Workshop
  • Durandal
  • Crystal Workshop
  • Studio Logic
  • Wheels Industry
  • Rank Workshop
  • Mook Workshop
  • Old Boys

I know the Roland search is relatively long and it took me around 20 minutes to complete the challenge. So all you need is patience if you want to get your hands on a Roland type in Sakura Stand.

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