Latest BedWars Season X Patch Notes – April 2024

Game updates are extremely important in the Roblox world. Every successful experience is constantly improved, and this is especially true for the popular Bedwars. Here, you will find patch notes with new content improvements introduced in the Bedwars Season X update.

BedWars Season 10 Update Expert Notes – April 5, 2024

The long-awaited BedWars Season 10 update gives you so much to do! The new Battle Pass rewards are great, but map mechanics are what you'll notice first. Below, you can learn more about the big changes introduced in the latest BadWards X update that will help you win.

X season update:

Battle Pass Rewards
3 Kill Effects
5 Lobby News
3 Animated Emotes
24 Image Emotes
13 Titles

5 New Gears
(Lv 10) Agni
(Lv 20) Styx
(Lv 30) Nyoka
(Lv 40) Bekzat
(Lv 50) Hephaestus

Battle Pass Exclusivity Change
To give new players a chance to play previous content, gear in this Battle Pass and future Battle Passes will no longer be permanently exclusive. Kits will now only be exclusive for 2 seasons and will be available for purchase after that time is up.
By making this change, we're also opening the door to work on content like gear skins and rework for previous Battle Pass gear.

Map and Mechanical Voting (NEW)
Before each match begins, a choice awaits! Choose from four different maps and game mechanics that will decide the direction of the game. With over 20 mechanics added, such as Balloons, Forge weapons or a battle to hatch a Dragon Egg, each match promises a unique experience.

Team Update Reorganize (NEW)
The Team Upgrade shop has been revamped! Damage and Armor upgrades have been replaced with new selectable upgrades: Bed Defense, Destruction and Magic.
This change aims to make game progression easier by combining generator upgrades with your team's Age and improve late game balance by removing Damage and Armor upgrades.

Season 9 changes
Tesla Coils are back! Defenders were turned out of the shop.
The monarch was moved into a match mechanic.
Diamond Generator Capture Points have been moved into a match mechanic.
Wind tunnels on the Blossom map have been removed.
Charge Gloops, Fletchery Boards, and Healing Fountains have been removed from the Team updates.
Diamonds are now produced at your Team Generator upon reaching the Diamond Age.

Free Kits of the Week
Ares (Player Level 20 Unlock)

Season 10 Kit Balance Changes
With the changes to Team upgrades and generator production rates, some gear has been adjusted to balance gameplay.
Axolotl Amy
Removed dependency on Eras to buy more axolotls.
Shield Axolotl Cost: 30 iron → 50 iron
Damage Axolotl Cost: 60 iron → 100 iron
Break Speed ​​Axolotl Cost: 80 iron → 2 emeralds
Health Regen Axolotl Cost: 4 emeralds → 6 emeralds
Taliyah now upgrades her chickens with an item purchased in the shop.
Iron Armor Chicken Nest Cost: 120 iron
Diamond Armor Chicken Nest Cost: 4 emeralds
Emerald Armor Chicken Nest Cost: 6 emeralds
Void Armor Chicken Nest Cost: 10 emeralds
Farmer Cletus
Carrot Seed Cost: 60 iron → 70 iron
Carrot Seed Growth Time: 2m 45s → 3m 15s
Melon Growth Time: 2m 45s → 3m 15s
Drill Cost: 2 emeralds → 3 emeralds
Maximum number of exercises on a map per player: 3
Beekeeper Beatrix
Hive Generator Cooldown: 8 seconds → 10 seconds
Metal Detector
Increased time to climb to maximum rewards from finding Hidden Metal 15m → 18
Reduced mining rewards by 15%
Reduced midgame and lategame armor rewards

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BedWars first draft of Season X Update Patch Notes – April 1, 2024

For April Fools Day, BedWars developers released a small but interesting preview update that introduces new items and improves quality of life.

Official Bed Wars Queue
We've improved and brought back the OG Bedwars lineup! No gears, no seasonal mechanics, old maps.

Limited Time Items
Enabled 3 limited time items!

a frying pan
Tornado Launcher

BedWars Easter Update Release Notes – March 29, 2024

To create hype around BedWars Update 10, Roblox developers have introduced many improvements to the game with this Easter Update. The new 30v30 Castle map option is a game changer, expanding the scope of the game. But let's not forget Bunny Freiya's gear, because Easter is right around the corner!

Bunny Freiya Kit Skin
Introducing an eggy new Easter theme kit for Freiya. This tool skin comes with custom Bunny Ice Sword, sounds, visual effects and UI art!

Free Kits of the Week
Gingerbread Man
Nyx (Player Level 20 Unlock)

Enabled 30v30 Castle

Balance Changes
Metal Detector
Increased compensation amount of hidden resources
Heal cooldown: 2.3 → 2 seconds
Light Trinity lifesteal for allies: 36% → 40%
Void Trinity lifesteal: 16% → 20%
Emerald and Diamond doubling chance: 50% → 60%
Overlock ability cooldown: 25 → 22 seconds
Spirit Catcher
Spirit damage: 17 → 20
Maximum stack size: 6 → 8
Base stack bee damage: 4 → 2
Extra damage per stack: 2 → 3
Drill health increases as the match goes on.
Early game hp: 600 → 400
Midgame hp: 600
Late game hp: 800
Cannon price: 40 → 60 iron
Cannon range boost: -15%
Will always choose the option that blocks the most damage between Flat and Percentage.
Flat damage blocked by block: 10 → 5
Percentage of damage blocked by block: 25% → 20%
Lightning damage: 12 → 10
Lightning damage by lightning: 23 → 20
Lose 50 stacks per death. Stacks will not go below the horse level threshold: (150, 500, 1500)

Bug Fixes
No longer receive an error when creating or joining a new clan, incorrectly stating that you are already in a clan.
No longer automatically assigned to the infected team when joining Infected LTM matches late.
Pressing “F” no longer toggles “Use Kit Skin” even when the gear menu has been closed.
Fixed cleaning emotes after use.

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