List of Slouse’s MM2 Song ID codes

One of the most exciting strategies as an assassin in Slouse’s MM2 is to entertain others by blasting songs on your radio. If you’re ready to amp up the excitement and confuse your opponents with fancy, high-volume, low-key songs, here’s a list to browse.

All Active Song ID Codes for Slouse’s MM2

Below, I’ve curated some exciting songs for you to use in Slouse’s MM2. The list contains a mix of jazz, pop and techno beats—my favorites are the Fire and Sorry about that for their funky beats and trolling lyrics. But this list is just the beginning!

Song Name Music ID Codes
Bad But 130767818
Beyblade 2245749339
Broadway 6897686359
Body parts 6673004638
A set 5654952318
Cold Jazz 1845341094
Closer 8179008527
Cockroach 1837258874
Cyber ​​Chainsaw 6911766512
Drift Phonk 6857419543
Final Boss 1837768323
Fire 7028985831
Get busy – Yeat 9042248317
Happy Music 1845765957
Higher 9039747581
hurricanes 1337848026
Intense Motivation 1839703786
Isk – Le Bullet 6950593634
It’s like that 1841925478
Jail Break 1837335584
Japanese Roads 1839872583
Jotaro 3663883160
Juice World 6845637094
My Father’s Country 1845378317
Legends 6845637094
Life 1839872620
The Lacoste 6868100434
love it 1836833641
madness 1836088493
Night Out 1843324953
No Problems 9038185589
No Sleep 7029011778
An apple 701499204
Rainych 6941579084
Rare Gem 6788646778
Robot Dance 1847853099
If Fu 1837251909
Short Phonk 8887499160
Keys 1840044242
Skull Crusher 1842558494
Spiderman Mix 301091740
Solar Flames 1836842889
So We Fly 1839985048
Sorry about that 7405233417
Take Someone 8361838923
’til the world ends’ 6973084731
Nonsense 183636202
Road OL 1839894963
X- Sad 7707736242
Xo Life 7823128741
Yes 9042248317

If you discover music ID codes that don’t play, we’d love it if you shared them in the comment section. Your contribution could improve everyone’s gaming experience.

How to use Song ID codes in Slouse’s MM2

  • The Purchase Menu of Radio Pass in Slouse MM2

Using Song ID Codes in Slouse’s MM2 is easy. As in most Roblox Games, you must purchase the Radio Pass. To do this, click on the Radio icon at the bottom left of the screen, then press the Buy button. It’s a small investment of 15 Robux coins, and you’ll have the Radio Pass in Slouse’s MM2. Immediately, click on the same icon and copy and paste the above codes to enjoy your songs.

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