Say goodbye to these vaulted Fortnite Season 2 Myths

Nothing lasts forever in Fortnite, as the Mythic items of Olympian gods have been vaulted. The latest Fortnite event, Avatar Elements, ended the reign of Greek gods, making room for new mystics.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, some of the most popular Myths have now been debunked. Say goodbye to these powerful items inspired by Greek mythology:

Wings of Icarus
Chains of Hades
Zeus Lightning Bol

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At first, reactions from the community were mixed. Some hoped for battles between gods and elements, while others applauded the removal of “the worst Myths of all time”. Safe to say, fans of Greek mythology and god-like powers are not pleased.

Even if you're a fan of Zeus and the team, it can be argued that the Fortnite map is too small for so many otherworldly items. So raise your hands (and magic items) to welcome new Avatar Mythics and get ready to bend! If you're not a fan of the Avatar anime, you'll need to at least familiarize yourself with it, because waterbending, earthbending, firebending, and airbending are now at the top of the Fortnite Mythics list.

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