Solo Leveling ARISE release time (recount)

Solo Leveling: ARISE launches worldwide on May 8, 2024, allowing players around the world to experience Sung Jinwoo's life as a Hunter on PC, Android, and iOS. The game releases simultaneously for all global servers—keep your eyes peeled for our countdown below to be one of the first to get into the game.

Solo Leveling ARISE edition countdown


Solo Leveling: ARISE is released on May 8, 2024 at 3AM UTC. Here's what time it releases in your time zone:

Time zone Release time
UTC 8 May 2024
3 A.M
UTC-7 (Pacific Time) 7 May 2024
UTC+8 (Beijing) 8 May 2024
UTC+9 (Tokyo, Seoul) 8 May 2024
UTC+2 (Paris) 8 May 2024
5 A.M

How to pre-download Solo Leveling ARISE

You can pre-download Solo Leveling: ARISE before release! Doing so will allow you to quickly speed up the installation process once the game officially launches. You'll also be able to start the tutorial while assets download in the background, so you'll be able to play flawlessly at launch. Head to the official website or steam to pre-download on PC, or go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the game on your preferred mobile device.

Upon starting the game, you'll be able to claim pre-registration milestone rewards by unlocking the mailbox, which will help you roll back for your favorite units and get a massive resource boost to start your Gate exploration. Additionally, don't forget to bookmark our code page to claim free in-game rewards and join the official Discord community to interact with other players.

What is Solo Leveling ARISE?

Solo Leveling: ARISE is an RPG based on the popular manhwa of the same name, which gained a cult following due to its unforgettable first chapter and powerful main character. The game follows Sung Jinwoo, who you'll be able to control through story-based missions that follow the chapter-by-chapter progression of the manhwa.

Solo leveling: ARISE uses a gacha standard system where you can pull for beloved Hunters and deploy them through challenging game modes. With the ability to change the difficulty of the game, both casual and hardcore players can enjoy the Solo Leveling experience according to their preferences.

Start planning your pulls by checking out our Solo Leveling Arise Weapons Tier List here on Pro Game Guides.

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