Tears of Themis Episode 10 – Sonorous Silence Investigation and Trial Walkthrough

To complicate the secretive investigations between the NXX team, the unexplained mystery of Gerard's disappearance, and Skye Harper's involvement in managing illegal drugs, fortune teller Felicia Luo has just been accused of murder. In Tears of Themis' Main Story Episode 10 – Sonorous Silence, you must independently defend Felicia against her mysterious summoner.

This Episode includes a series of investigations where you will be accompanied by Artem Wing. It will end with a trial where you have to defend Felicia alone.

All Quiz and Test answers in Episode 10 – Voice Silence in Tears of Themis

10-8 – Analysis

After questioning Felicia Luo, you conclude that her testimony does not make sense and that she is probably lying because she has no clear motive for committing the alleged murder. You must find connections in the broken testimony and events leading up to the arrest to support your theory.

  • Question: Felicia Luo's motive for the crime is not enough. The doubt lies in…
    • Connections:
      • Motive for the Crime
      • Seriously Ill Daughter

10-11 – Research

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In this stage, Artem will take you to the basement where Brad Gries lived. Explore the room for clues to paint a clearer picture of his death.

Explore the following items in any order, circled in the image above:

  • Sketch of Bad Gries's body position during death
  • Windows
  • Trophy and certificate
  • Pharmaceutical documents on the shelf
  • Door with scratches
  • Burnt candles
  • Broken porcelain glass

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10-13 – Analysis

With Artem's guidance, you must piece together the clues you obtained while investigating the basement and use them to expand your hypothesis about the crime and possible suspects.

  • Question #1: Brad Gries may have realized he was in danger because…
    • Connections:
      • Insurance Cover
      • Organ donation
  • Question #2: Brad Gries wasn't wary of Felicia Luo because…
    • Connections:
      • Huge Divorce Settlement
      • Insurance beneficiary
  • Question #3: What is unusual about the basement is…
    • Connections:
      • The Little Window
      • Burnt Candles

10-15 – Questioning

In this segment, you must question Felicia Luo based on new evidence. When Captain Morgan interrupts your questioning for a second police interrogation, answer The time of death of Brad Gries prove that Felicia has been tricked by the mysterious caller more than once.

10-22 – Research

Tears of Themis essential research clues
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After narrowly avoiding the mayhem at the auction and paying Brigid Gries a visit at the hospital, you must return to the basement with Artem to re-investigate the crime scene. Since this survey round is more thorough, be sure to click on the exact items circled in the image above, or you might miss them.

  • Iron barrels
  • A mousetrap
  • Books
  • Wood rhinoceros (explore its horn, gap between head and body, and body)
  • Circular gap on candle wax

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10-24 – Analysis

After burning the rhino horn and finding the USB and black market drug, you and Artem discuss Brad Gries' motivation to keep the evidence from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Question #1: What did Brad Gries do to prevent evidence from falling into the hands of others…
    • Connections:
      • Mechanism of Wood Sculpture
      • Monitoring of Vital Signs
  • Question #2: How did Brad Gries force himself to die?
    • Connections:
      • Locked Secret Room
      • Deadly Drinking Water

10-25 – Trial

In the trial, you will defend Felicia Luo and prove that Brad Gries was wronged despite orchestrating his own death. You will face off against an unnamed Prosecutor in the Criminal Court, but your final debate will be against Felicia Luo. The recommended Power Level to defeat Felicia is 145,514.

Present the following evidence to win the case.

  • The evidence that proves that Felicia Luo had money and was not in financial trouble is…
    • Evidence: Divorce Property Agreement
  • The evidence that proves Felicia Luo was incapable of poisoning Brad Gries is…
    • Evidence: Cup Fragment Examination Results
  • The evidence that proves Brad Gries knew that the water was poisoned…
    • Evidence: Photo of Candle Wax
  • The evidence that proves that Brad Gries committed suicide is…
    • Evidence: Audio recording of the Confession of Brad Gries
  • The evidence that proves Brad Gries' body showed signs of long-term drug side effects is…
    • Evidence: Autopsy Report by Brad Gries

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