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In Mad Adventure, you acquire random Stands to use in battle and must complete quests and defeat enemies to level up. You can earn boosts and other special items by buying them with money you earn for different tasks and fighting opponents.

You can also win some prizes for free, like Stands or money, by using in-game codes. Developers provide codes for players to win free items that can give them an edge in their experience. You can earn more free rewards for other games like this, such as A Bizarre Universe Codes or Anime Adventures Codes.

List of Codes of All That Crazy Adventures

That Crazy Adventure Codes (Working)

  • HEIANeR@— Redeem for reward (New)
  • 10k_L1kes— Redeem for reward
  • Happy Belated New Year1— Redeem for reward
  • CHRISTMAS1— Redeem for reward
  • CORRUPTED_8K—Redeem for 10x Redeem Stand Arrow, 5x Redeem Rokakaka, 5x Key and 1k Cash
  • 6kMembers—Redeem for 10x Redeem Stand Arrow, 5x Redeem Rokakaka, 5x Key and 1k Cash
  • 5kMembers—Redeem for Experience and 1k Cash
  • 2 thousand!!—Redeem for Experience and 5k Cash
  • Sry!—Redeem for Experience and 2k Cash
  • SorryForBugs!—Redeem for Experience and 1k Cash
  • 1MIL_VIS—Redeem for Experience and 2k Cash
  • 400k VISITS!—Redeem for Experience and 5k Cash
  • 1000 members—Redeem for Experience and 5k Cash
  • 4000 likes—Redeem for Experience and 5k Cash
  • Happy New Year—Redeem for free $3,000, free Stand Arrows, Rokakaka and XP reward!

That Crazy Adventure Codes (Expired)

These That Crazy Adventure codes no longer work.

  • 10k VISITORS
  • SorryForShutdowns
  • r15 LesssssGOOOOO

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How to redeem codes in That Crazy Adventure

Redeeming codes in That Crazy Adventure is a quick and easy process.

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  1. In the game, open the Menu by pressing the icon with three lines in the lower right corner
  2. In the menu screen, press the Another one option to find the Codes menu.
  3. Type your codes into the text box exactly as shown in the list above.
  4. press Redeem code to enjoy your rewards!

How can you get more That Crazy Adventure Codes?

Developers usually give out codes during an update, event or when a goal is met, such as a specific number of likes achieved. Some developers will put them directly in the game's description or image to let players know when they are available. However, other developers may require you to follow them on their social media, such as Twitter or Discord, to stay updated. You can follow this experience on Discord, Pitfall Interactiveor their Trello, That Crazy Adventure Trello. For your convenience, you can bookmark this page and check back anytime to see when new codes are added.

Why aren't my That Crazy Adventure codes working?

There are various reasons why your codes may not work properly. The main reason is that the codes may have already expired. Because codes are regularly cycled in and out of the game, they can expire with little or no notice. We try to keep our listings up to date, but if you notice a change before us, please leave a comment below, and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

It's also important to double check your spelling when entering codes. Codes are almost always case-sensitive, which means the slightest typo could make them appear invalid. Make sure you type them correctly as shown in the list above, or if the game allows, copy and paste to avoid problems.

How to evolve in That Crazy Adventure

Evolving or leveling up in That Crazy Adventure is a way to take your character to the next level. Your powers and abilities can grow more with each rank you can complete. To develop your character, you will need to reach maximum level and have $5,000 to spare. Then you can talk to Rank Master Peter, who will rank you. With each rank up, your maximum level will increase, and your XP gain will be enhanced. Basically, you can level up every ten levels after level 50.

What is That Crazy Adventure?

That Crazy Adventure is an RPG adventure game based on the hit anime and manga, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. You can create your own powerful anime character and develop special abilities called Stands that you happen to be allowed to use in battle. There are many quests to complete around the open world that allow you to level up. As you level up, you can use skill points to boost your strength, HP, and other special powers. Once you think you've mastered your skills and gained experience, you can jump into Matchmaking mode to PVP other online players.

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