Wuthering Waves Complete Intimacy Guide

Wondering how to raise your Wuthering Waves intimacy level with each Resonator on your team? Having a higher intimacy level means you can unlock more entries about your companions, which can help you get to know them better. In this complete intimacy guide for Wuthering Waves, you will unlock data and voice lines in no time.

What is Intimacy in Wuthering Waves?

Intimacy is how close your Rover is to the Resonators in their team. It’s a stat you can find in the Resonators menu, under the dog tags symbol (the last symbol in the menu). Here, you’ll also be able to navigate between each Resonant’s backstory, vocal lines, poses, and favorite items.

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Nothing ever changes about poses, but getting higher intimacy levels with Resonator will unlock more hidden information in the other three categories. You’ll be able to learn more stories about them from before they joined your team, voice lines that tell you how they feel about other Resonators, and about their most valuable items.

How to raise Intimacy Levels in Wuthering Waves

Intimacy points gained from Tacet Field in Wuthering Waves.
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There are several ways to gain intimacy points and raise the intimacy levels of your Resonators:

  1. Boss Challenges offer some intimacy points, but the amount remains hidden until you defeat the boss.
  2. Weekly Challenges are the same, although you can only claim Weekly Challenge rewards three times per week.
  3. Fake Challenges may have intimacy points listed as rewards, but not all do. Be sure to check the rewards before you commit to a challenge.
  4. Simulation Challenges will award you 120 intimacy points when the challenge is over.
  5. Tacet Fields offer 180 intimacy points upon completion.
  6. Daily Quests offers the highest number of points by far, 480 intimacy points, but they are only available once a day.

The best way to raise Intimacy Levels in Wuthering Waves

Chixia's Intimacy Level in Fading Waves.
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Since the Intimacy Level of each Resonator only goes up to level 5, you have to remember to switch your team members. I would suggest keeping one of your strongest Resonators on your team, and cycling through the weaker Resonators in the other two spots on your team. This way you can still complete the harder battles and challenges, but you don’t need to waste materials on ascension.

Daily Quests can be a bit tedious to do, so it’s better to complete the Tacet Fields so you can also get some strong Echo drops out of your time, instead of running around the map to finish quests.

Why Raise Intimacy Levels in Wuthering Waves

While Intimacy Levels won’t affect your main game and you can continue playing without leveling them up, they do offer the benefit of revealing more about each character. Intimacy Levels are the perfect way to discover each Resonator’s backstory outside of their own personal quests – and, in fact, they offer information that personal quests don’t.

There’s also enough filler for you to complete between updates and banner changes, in case you’re feeling bored with the daily quests the game offers.

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