Wuthering Waves Resonator (Character) Tier List

Having dominant resonators is essential to riding Wuthering Waves successfully. But getting the best characters is not easy, because this is a gacha game where luck has a strong influence. This list of characters from Wuthering Waves will help you in your search.

Wuthering Waves Resonators Tier List – All Characters, Ranked

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Wuthering Waves roster has some powerful heroes, but some will only be useful in the beginning. Your goal is to get at least A-level resonators, hoping to eventually get S-level characters and some of the best Wuthering Waves weapons. The list of Wuthering Waves resonators will help you know what to look for, especially if you decide to reroll. Be warned; it takes about 30 minutes to roll back into Wuthering Waves.

Tier Character
S Calcharo, Jianxin, Jiyan, Verina
A Baizhi, Danjin, Encore, Mortefi, Yuanwu
B Aalto, Lingyang, Rover, Yangyang
C Chixia, Sanhua, Taoqi

Top ranked Resonators in Wuthering Waves

Calcharo attribute screen in Wuthering Waves
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S Tier

A wheelbarrow

Calcharo is probably the strongest single target DPS resonator in the game. He has a fun playstyle due to his quick attacks that allow you to counterattack easily. He relies heavily on using his Resonance Liberation early to deal damage quickly.


Verina is the ultimate support in Wuthering Waves. She increases the damage of allies and provides invaluable healing. Additionally, she can use all of her gear in just two seconds and fill up the Forte meter to activate the next character’s introductory abilities.

A Tier


Danjin is a glass-cannon type of DPS character who relies heavily on managing her health and the Forte meter. She consumes her health to cast her resonances, so you can easily kill her in seconds if you’re not careful.

to die

Mortefi is probably the best 4-star sub-DPS in Wuthering Waves. His outro and Resonance Liberation buff the next character and enable joint attacks for a certain amount of time. Don’t use him as a main DPS because his damage is poor compared to other DPS characters.

B Tier


Lingyang has disappointing damage for a 5 star character. He’s not great sub-DPS, and you have better options for main DPS. He might become more useful in the future if devs introduce a new Ice support unit to improve his potential.


Yangyang is a great primary DPS pick for the early game, but as soon as you get 5-star characters, you’ll retire her. She has some value as a sub-DPS but not much.

C Level


Sanhua is Ice DPS worse than Lingyang, making her obsolete unless you have no other choice. Drop her as soon as you get a better resonator.


Taoqi is a tanky character that doesn’t deal significant damage. Considering that every major mode in Wuthering Waves has a time limit, Taoqi (and most other tanks for that matter) doesn’t seem to work unless something changes in the game.

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