All boss rewards in Hades 2 & how to use them

Each boss in Hades 2 drops a rare item that can be used to unlock and upgrade equipment, spells and more. I will explain the rewards given by each boss and how you can use them in Hades 2.

Every Underworld Boss Reward in Hades 2

Each boss in Hades 2 drops a special item that unlocks new Arcana Cards, upgrades and spells. Each boss's item description is followed by a short list of the main items they are used for.


Hecate is the first boss you'll encounter on your way to Chronos. She acts as the Guardian of Erebus. Defeating her will grant players Cinder, which is described in-game as being “used with spells involving fire and conservation”.

  • Obtaining Ashes from defeating Hecate in Hades 2
  • The description for Ash in Hades 2

What are Ashes used for in Hades 2

Cinders are the first and easiest of the boss rewards, so they have the most uses in the story. This includes the Permeation spell, which provides you with access to the surface world.

Using Cinder for the Permeation of Witching-Wards sorcery in Hades 2
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Scylla and the Sirens

Scylla is the final boss of Oceanus, the second area of ​​the underworld. Defeating Scylla and her Siren Band gives you a shiny Pearl. When you see a Pearl in your inventory, it is described as “mostly used with spells involving luminosity and perfection”.

What Pearls are used for in Hades 2

Pearls are used for unlocking helpful enchantments, activating one Arcana Card, and unlocking Weapon Aspects.

  • Unlocking the Abyssal Insight Charm.
  • Unlock the Momus Skin for the Witch's Staff.
  • Unlock Charon's Skin for the Moonstone Axe.
  • Activating the Arcane Card “The Messenger”.
Using a Pearl to activate Momus' Appearance in Hades 2
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The Infernal Beast

The final boss of the Fields of Grief is The Infernal Beast. Defeating him gives you a Tear, which is used for “spells involving spirit and sorrow”.

What are Tears used for in Hades 2?

The Tears of the Infernal Beast have three important uses.

  • Unlocking Moros' Skin for the Shadow Flames.
  • Unlock the Waiting Faithful Beast Charm.
  • Activating the “The Queen” Arcane Card
Using Tears to add the Appearance of Moros to the Shadow Flames in Hades 2
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Chronos is the final boss of the Underworld. He was one of the hardest bosses I faced in Hades 2, making the Zodiac Sand he gives you a precious item. The inventory description mentions that Zodiac Sand is “used with spells involving inevitability and decay”.

What Zodiac Sand is used for in Hades 2

Zodiac Sand is one of the hardest resources to collect because it requires beating Chronos. Its rarity means that it is only used for extremely important spells and the rarest Arcana Card.

  • Activating the “Judgment” Arcane Card.
  • The Dissolution of Time Enchantment.
Looking at the Dissolution of Time spell in the cauldron of the Crossroads in Hades 2
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Every Surface Boss Reward in Hades 2

These bosses are only available to those who leave the path to defeat Cronus and go to the surface.

The cyclops Polyphemus

Polyphemus is the Guardian of the City of Ephyra on the surface. Knocking Polyphemus out gives you Wool, which the game describes as “mostly used with spells involving rawness and touch.”

What to do with Wool in Hades 2

Wool has four main uses in the Early Access Version of Hades.

Activating the Seer Arcane Card in Hades 2
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Eris, Strife Incarnate

Eris is the final boss of the Rift of Thessaly. She uses the Adamant Rail, making her a very formidable opponent. If you are able to defeat her, you will receive the infamous Golden Apple. According to the inventory description, the Golden Apple is used for “spells involving beauty and fertility.”

What is the Golden Apple used for in Hades 2

The Golden Apple is one of the two boss rewards you will receive at the end of the Hades 2 Early Access version. Currently there are two main uses for the Golden Apple.

  • Getting the Skin of Eos for the Umbral Flames weapon.
  • Activating the “Divinity” Arcane Card.
Using a Golden Apple to unlock the Aspect of Eos weapon upgrade in Hades 2
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