All Essences in Type Soul and how to get them

In Type Soul, you'll need all the help you can get to defeat strong opponents. One way to improve is to use Essences, which are powerful moves that can turn the tide of the battle. Here's how to get all Essences in Type Soul.

List of All Type Sole Essences

Type Soul Essences are hard to find, so keeping track of them requires a lot of work. With each update, new ones may appear, and some old ones may be removed. Remember that most Essences require a specific Path level and race. Below is a list of all the Typical Soul Essences.

Type Soul Essence Demand Description
partial You must be an Arrancar Allows you to use a third party.
Territorial Mark 40 Hakuda Link to another player, forcing them into a 1v1 battle because you can only attack each other (no one else can harm you).
Unseen Blade 40 Speed Boosts your attack.
Fusion You must be an Arrancar and have 40 Healing It allows you to merge with another player with 40 Healing for additional buffs.
Horizon 40 Kid Pierces enemies and applies True Pierce (ignores armor)
Bala Fireworks You must be an Arrancar and 40 Kido Area of ​​Effect damage that also stuns targets.
Crazy Blitz 40 Hakuda Great counter.

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Important note: If an Essence belongs to a specific tree (Kido, Healing, Speed, Hakuda, etc.), you must have 40 Skill Points on that tree to be able to use that Essence. If you do not have the required tree level, you will be removed from the game! This is a very strict rule, as it is not specifically explained in the game. You have been warned!

How to get Essences in Type Soul

You must participate in Clan Wars to have a chance to get Essences in Type Soul. You won't stand a chance if you fight alone, so look for allies so you can get some wins. Another way to get Essences is by converting Legendary items to Mythical, as there is a chance to get an Essence. For that you need to find an NPC named Bong Bong in Karakura Town.

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