All hideouts in Phasmophobia’s Point Hope map

One of the most important things to figure out first on a new map in Phasmophobia is where all your trusted hideouts are, as this not only helps with objectives but also protects you from the game’s more ruthless ghosts when hunting. If you’re exploring Point Hope and want to know where to go, here’s our handy guide to all the hideouts on Phasmophobia’s Point Hope map.

All Point Hope hidden point locations in Phasmophobia

Below are all 11 known hiding places found throughout the Point Hope lighthouse map.

Remember that to stay completely hidden from a ghost in these areas while it’s actively hunting (see our ghost movement speed guide), you need to do the following:

  • Mute the microphone of your headset, otherwise, the ghost will hear your voice.
  • Turn off night goggles and manually dispose of any electronic equipment far enough away from your hideout that you don’t attract the ghost.
  • The door to your hiding place must be completely closed, as it protects you from the “line of sight” of a ghost. Test it by opening and closing it if necessary.
  • Keep at least one Incense (or “smudgie” as they are known in the gaming community) on hand with a Lighter in case a ghost wanders too close and has a high chance of finding you. If it’s T2 or T3 Incense, it will stop them in their tracks or, better yet, drive them away.

Also, depending on your chosen hunt difficulty or challenge mode, some hideouts may be locked while others are open, and those choices will be random. If you are playing with several people, this number may vary.

In the case of Point Hope, you will have the following number of hideouts available (in order of difficulty):

  • Amateur – All hiding places open
  • Medium – 3 points locked; rest are open
  • Professional – 4 places locked; rest are open
  • Nightmare/Madness – All hideouts locked

Hiding Place #1 – Ground Floor Closet (Behind Front Door)

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This first hideout in Point Hope is very easy to overlook because it is hidden directly behind the front door where you enter first. If you have the door wide open, you probably won’t notice this hiding spot until your exit is slammed shut during a hunt. If you want to be as close to your escape route as possible, this is your choice (if it’s not locked).

Hiding Place #2 – Ground Floor Wardrobe (Corridor)

Second hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The second hiding place on the ground floor of Point Hope is close to the first. In fact, it’s right around the corner in the a corridor connecting the Dressing Room with the Living Room area Remember this cozy closet when you need a place to run from a sturdy ghost.

Hideout #3 – Ground Floor (Lighthouse Tent)

Third hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The next hiding place is in the Area of ​​the Hall from the ground floor, just beyond the previously mentioned corridor. It might not be the most practical or comforting when you have a ghost growling at you, but this nice one Lighthouse Tent works as a legitimate place to hide, as long as you zip the door all the way.

Hideout #4 – Ground Floor (Shower Stall)

Shower stall at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The next possible hiding spot on the ground floor from Point Hope is probably not what you’d expect, because it’s rather… see-through. This shower in the entrance bathroom right next to the exit actually works for hiding while hunting. We just wouldn’t suggest singing or dancing in it while it’s happening, rather, keep yourself firmly wedged in the back corner like we do.

Hideout #5 – Ground Floor (Behind Open Chest Under Stairs)

Open chest cache at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The final hideout on the ground floor of Point Hope is one that probably wouldn’t be your first choice, but it works. This a clothes chest propped open directly under the stairs there’s somewhere you can duck if your ghostly culprit is haunting the front Cloakroom or Bathroom nearby, or if you’re on a higher difficulty and some of the closets aren’t an option.

Hideout #6 – Second Floor Kitchen (Behind Chalkboard Near Washing Machine)

Kitchen hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Your next hideout in Point Hope will be on the second floor Kitchen areaspecifically behind a conveniently propped wooden board next to the washer and dryer. If you find yourself stuck on where to go when your ghostly suspect is hiding on the floor above or below, this may be an option for you.

Hideout #7 – Third Floor Dining Room (Crates Under Stairs)

Dining room hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Up another flight of stairs, Point Hope’s next possible hideout is found in the Dining Room Area. Again, this one is directly below the next set of stairs, behind some discarded crates. Make sure you crouch and push yourself completely against the corner to stay out of sight.

Hideout #8 – Sixth Floor Master Bedroom (Behind Divider)

Master Bedroom hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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If you are caught in a hunt on the upper floors of Point Hope, one option of hiding is inside the Master Bedroom on the sixth floor. You will know it next to the bed with the flannel pattern sheets and red wallpaper. It is wooden clothes divider located on the right side of the room with plenty of space to hide if you need to.

Hideout #9 – The Seventh Floor Bedroom (Closet Behind Bed)

Children's Bedroom Hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Another convenient place to hide higher up is in the Children’s Bedroom, which should be easy enough to decipher with the smaller boat-themed bed and toys scattered on the floor. The room is also painted blue. The hiding place in question is a wardrobe directly behind the bed, which you can close completely. This is definitely one of the best options in the upper floors of Point Hope to keep you safe from paranormal creatures.

Hideout #10 – Eighth Floor Maintenance Room (Green Lockers)

Maintenance Room hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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One of the last hiding places in Point Hope is up on the eighth floor of the lighthouse, otherwise known as the Maintenance Room. Here you will see some familiar aspects metal cabinets, although this time they are green. You can choose any of these to hide in, just make sure you close the door completely behind you, and don’t leave red paint trails if you catch our drift.

Hideout #11 – Top Floor Lantern Room (Behind Wooden Crates Near Stairs)

Lantern Room hideout at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The final possible hideout on the Point Hope map is on the top floor of the lighthouse, also known as the Lantern Room. This little one corner behind a wooden pallet can help hide you in a pinch in case of a ghost lurking around the upper floors.

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