All Sol’s RNG Era 8 achievements and how to get them

Sol’s RNG Era 8 update brought a bunch of notable additions including new achievements for you to unlock. As is tradition, you can get valuable rewards when you complete their respective goals, so here’s a detailed look at Sol RNG Era 8 achievements along with instructions to get them.

All the new achievements in Sol’s RNG Era 8 and how to unlock them

The Era 8 update has been added 18 new achievements to be specific and here is a table summarizing their names, rewards and goals.

achievement How to get Rewards
Touch the grass Play Sol’s RNG for 1,000 hours Heavenly Potion II x1
Eternal Time Play Sol’s RNG for 2,000 hours Celestial Potion II x2
Breakthrough Get a Biome Exclusive Aura without native rarity Rune of Wind x1
Breaking The Reality Roll 10,000 Breakthrough Auras. Rune of Everything x1
Break the Space Get 100 aurors with Breakthrough Rune of Corruption x1
Rune of Galaxy x1
Rune of Hell x1
Break the limit Get 5 Biome Exclusive Aura with no native rarity Rune of Wind x1
Rune of Rainstorm x1
Rune of Frost x1
Break the galaxy Get 1000 auroras with Breakthrough Rune of Wind x1
Rune of Galaxy x1
Rune of Corruption x1
Rune of Frost x1
Rune of Hell x1
Rune of Rainstorm x1
Rune of Nothing x1
Saw the Sun Be in-game with someone with the Sunaura 50 coins
The Stigma Being hit by a Red Full Moon ability No one
Flaws in the world N/A No one
The one who stands before God N/A No one
The Unknown N/A No one
Something went wrong Be on a server with the Glitched biome. 10,101 USD
Finished word for today Complete all daily quests Lucky potion x10
Quick Potion x10
Be hit by the Red Full Moon ability Being hit by a Red Full Moon ability N/A
There is no way to stop it! Roll 100,000 times. 10,000 Coins.
When is payday??? Complete all daily quests 30 times. Celestial Potion II x2
I give my life Roll 5,000,000 times 100,000 coins
Empty Coin x1

While most of the achievements are self-explanatory, you may have a hard time unlocking the new Stigma achievement. As mentioned before, you must be hit by the Red Full Moon ability to unlock this badge. However, it’s important to note that it’s a Dev exclusive aura/ability, which means you have to wait for devs to join your server and ask them to damage you using the power of Red Full Moon.

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