Best PVP Auras in Sols RNG

Sols RNG finally added the PVP mode in the game after the Era 8 update. So, if you want to play the new mode and want to know some auras that will help you in battles, here is a list of the best PVP auras in Sols RNG.

Top 5 PVP Auras in Sols RNG

You cannot equip any aura in Sols RNG for the PVP mode and can only use Auras with abilities. Out of those auras, I have mentioned the best ones that can give you consistent wins.

Chromatic: Genesis

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The Chromatic Genesis is the best aura for PVP battles due to the amount of damage and ease of use. All the player has to do is face the direction of the opponent and use the skill button to create a shock wave. If the enemy is hit by the shockwave, they will lose altogether 32 HP over time. It’s that simple. So, when the battle starts, position yourself in such a way that you have to hit your shockwave with an angle shot near any terrain.


The Accused Aura in Sols RNG
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The Impeached is also a great PVP aura in Sols RNG. The aura allows users to create an X mark on the ground from any position on the map. Immediately, a giant sword will fall from the sky at the X place and will deal with 30 damage to the enemy, if they stand near it. It is viable against other slow moving auras.


The Zeus Aura in Sols RNG
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The Zeus is another amazing aura in PVP battles. Upon using the ability, the player can teleport to any location, throw lightning at the opponent, and return to the original location. If the bolt manages to hit the opponent, they will lose 15 HP. It is great for people who like to play strategically and strike at the right moment.


The Archangel Aura in Sols RNG
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The Archangel is a very deadly aura in PVP battles due to its auto attack characteristics. Just press the ability button to summon a sword and strike the ground to create three large explosions near the nearest enemy. If the enemy is hit, they will lose 12 HP per explosion. Compared to other Auras, it is a bit slow. However, it is suitable against slow moving auras.

Overture History

The Overure History aura in Sols RNG
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The Overture History is not a damaging aura in Sols RNG but is quite effective in 2v2 PVP modes due to its insane time-stopping ability. Once the battle begins, stand in the center of the arena and use your ability to freeze time for the next 6 seconds around a large radius. Make sure your enemies are trapped in this radius to allow your other partner to deal damage freely.

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