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Roblox anime games are my favorite, especially the Bleach. There are many great ways to make your character stronger, so here is the best Quincy build in Type Soul Roblox game.

Roblox Type Soul Best Quincy Build

The best Quincy build in Type Soul is Speed ​​+ Kendo combo Quincy characters usually focus on ranged attacks and accuracy, but that's not the optimal build for Type Soul, as the game emphasizes speed and close combat. As for the Quincy weapons, your best choice is an Antithesis spirit weapon.

How to choose the best Quincy build in Type Soul

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The first step to becoming a Quincy is to die and become a lost soul. Then you should go to Wanden Gate in Karakura Town and interact with the white glowing sword statue. Once you become a Quincy, there is Stat Paths to choose from: Speed, Hakuda, Kendo, Kido and Healing. For the best Quincy building you should put 40 points to Kendo and 20 points to Speed.

The best Quincy Weapon in Type Soul

To improve your Quincy character, you need to choose the best weapon from the wide arsenal. Quincies can use a wide array of Spirit Weapons, and it's important to choose the ones that best suit your build. The best Quincy weapon is Antithesis due to its excellent damage and range. This magnificent sword has many devastating ground and air combos that are difficult to avoid.

Another great Quincy item is the Quincy Medallion. If you've watched Thousand Year Blood War, you know that Quincy Medallion can steal Soul Reapers' Bankai, which is very useful against powerful enemies.

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