Crow Country Walkthrough, Part 2

Continuing on from our Part One Guide, where we ended shortly after finishing either the Mushroom Puzzle, our next stop will be to use the chain item we got from the Swan Puzzle. Which thankfully means we’re staying in Fairytale Town.

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Crow Country Full Guide, Part 2

This second guide covers the game up through until completing the Theatre puzzle and heading to Mr. Crow’s office, so if you’re ahead, click through to part three of our guide.

If you’ve accidentally skipped ahead, go on back to part one of our guide here. Be wary of spoilers for all sections!

Hut Puzzle

When back in the main causeway of Fairytale Town, head to the small hut directly opposite the Swan Puzzle. If you haven’t already, use the bronze key on the mailbox to open the door up. Enter and clear out any enemies that may be there. Head inside, and then you’ll need to interact with a few things.

  • 1A – Gasoline Tank
  • 1B – Crane Chain
  • 1C – Pipe Crank
  • Directions to the gas, chain and crank puzzle in the hut in Fairytale Town.
  • Directions to all three interactions in the hut in Fairytale Town

Start in whatever order you choose, just ensure that you put the two gasoline bottles you’ve already found in the tank, attach the crank to the pipe and turn it, and then attach the chain to the crane. Once you’ve done all three, spin the wheel on the crane, and then activate the flamethrower to melt the resin and retrieve the Witchwood Mask.

Witchwood Maze

Return to Haunted Hilltop and head right as you enter, there you’ll see the entrance to the Witchwood. Interact with the empty slot on the right of the door, and use the mask item you got from the resin in the previous section.

The Witchwood Maze isn’t really a maze or puzzle in the traditional sense, so simply hit any of the glowing green pillars to match their symbol to the pillars you would like to retract. The first one is on your immediate right as you enter the maze.

Be sure to check other routes, as virtually all of them contain a helpful item of some sort, but your ultimate goal is to reach the center of the maze and interact with the cauldron until you retrieve the trident item.

Bear in mind once you do, the maze will turn dark and enemies will spawn, so be prepared and make sure you’re healed. The Trident is used in an area we’ve not been to yet, so return to the hub and enter the next main area… Ocean Kingdom.

First entry into the Ocean Kingdom area of Crow Country.
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Ocean Kingdom

To get to Ocean Kingdom, return to the hub area and head to the left of the crow. Interact with the hole on the left of the door, and select the hand crank when prompted to give an item. Interact with the crank, and turn until the spikes are entirely retracted. Be careful when you step through, as the spikes will jolt forward and harm you, so make sure to heal first if you have to.

When inside Ocean Kingdom, there are only two places we can enter at first, so we’ll first be heading straight and then to the left to enter the submarine to try our hand at unlocking the shotgun.

Head to the hatch on the submarine, and head down. This area doubles as a save point, and it’s strongly suggested to save before attempting to unlock the shotgun. There’s some ammo scattered around in here, so make sure you pick it up.

  • 1A – Submarine
  • 1B – Sunken Treasure Arcade

When in the Submarine, ensure you have at least five bullets available. (Some extra in-case you miss is absolutely suggested here.) The aim of this game is to reach 21 by following the scoring board rules for what each sea creature is worth, but thankfully it’s a bit simpler to do than it might seem at first. Shoot the following sea creatures to ensure the most efficient use of ammo.

  • Shark
  • Shark
  • Shark
  • Shark
  • Dolphin

Once done, the container holding the shotgun will open. Another save is suggested, as there is another new enemy type waiting once you leave the Submarine for the first time, far larger than most, with a health pool to match. Once he’s dealt with, continue forward, and look to the left of the doors blocked by gas to find the map of the area.

Then move to the right, and head for the open door on the back wall of Ocean Kingdom. Head in, and you’ll be met with a dark arcade and another NPC. Speak to the NPC (whilst making sure your flashlight is off) and exhaust his dialogue. Eventually, he’ll move out of the way and you can enter into the area behind him, which will lead you to the Staff Hallway.

The Staff Hallway serves mostly as a shortcut between Ocean Kingdom and Fairytale Town – however it also leads to our next puzzle.

  • 1A – Map and Shortcut to the Lounge Safe Room
  • 1B – Shortcut to Fairy Forest Pond
  • 1C – Restaurant

Be careful of the crate that will be in the room when you first enter, as if you interact with it, the next time you enter the area a powerful enemy will spawn. Open up all of the shortcuts, save at the Lounge Safe Room, and continue on into the Restaurant.

Restaurant Puzzle

Again, this section isn’t so much a puzzle as it is some careful movement and repositioning. Your aim is to get all four of the sea monsters singing, so you’ll need to tap the glass at certain angles so that all four of them will sing when you’re stood in front of the chest. The chest will have four green lights on it, so you know which ones might need to be readjusted.

Once completed, the chest will open, and within will be the silver key. Head out the same way you came in, and head back for the arcade.

Arcade Puzzle

Head straight for the back wall when you enter into the Arcade again, and interact with the panel on the wall and use the silver key to turn the power back on. The aim of this puzzle is to get all of the machines to a certain amount of points.

Your end goal is to score the following:

  • One on Mermaid Quiz
  • Two on Dolphin Dash
  • Four on Speed Boat
  • Eight on Shark Shooter

Once you’re done, interact with the change machine to get a data disk which we’ll be using for two upcoming puzzles.

With that done, head back to the Hub area, as we’ll use the silver key to open another door and solve another small puzzle.

Gift Shop Puzzle

Once back in the hub, head for the side door to the gift shop, and use the silver key to unlock it. Once inside, clear out any enemies, and then go behind the counter to find the puzzle hint, and a mushroom who will upgrade the capacity of your shotgun.

The aim of this puzzle is to find the three gifts mentioned in the note, check their prices, and add them together.

The total comes to 19.75, so take that number and punch it into the cash register, which will reward you with the magnum revolver.

Train Room Puzzle

Leaving the gift shop and heading directly into the train safe room will yield yet another new weapon, the flamethrower. The train room puzzle had me a bit stumped at first, but it turns out it’s as simple as reading some more first letters.

Interact with the computer use the security disk we got at the arcade earlier, and input the following combination. The solution is found by examining the plaques in front of the two interactive trains, and noting down which ‘Style’ of cars they have. Refer to the images below if you’d like to try solving it yourself, or check below for the solution.

Input this string into the computer to receive the flamethrower. Next, we’ll be heading back to Haunted Hilltop to retrieve another key item we’ll need soon.

Dungeon Puzzle

We’ll be getting another key item from this spot, also using the data disk we found earlier, so when you’re back in Haunted Hilltop, enter the first door on your left as you enter to get into the Dungeon. Here, you’ll insert the disk into the computer, and from there, you’ll open cells by inputting the corresponding amounts of legs, arms, heads, and eyes each creature has.

The one of importance is the mermaid cell, as that contains an acid bottle we’ll need later.

The solution to open each cell is:


After entering each set of numbers, leave the computer and enter the cell, as changing the numbers will close any cell you had open. The other cells are worth a look too, as they contain useful items like med kits and ammo.

lTolman’s Office Puzzle

Head back to the Staff Hallway and find the wooden door, kicking it if you haven’t already to reveal the silver keyhole. Interact with the NPC and exhaust his dialogue before continuing. You’ll be met with a TV, four tapes, four calendars, and a keyboard.

The solution to the puzzle is to play the tapes in the order they appear on the calendars and watch the TV carefully as a letter with flash up in green. You take these notes, and play them on the keyboard.

  • 1350 = F
  • 1912 = A
  • 1937 = C
  • 1945 = E

Input the notes in the correct order into the Keyboard to unlock the elevator switch. Interact with it to unlock the elevator just outside Tolman’s office, and some others around the map. Take the elevator down to reveal the root access area.

Root Tunnels

When you’re down the elevator, head straight to the left to enter the break room. In here there lever at the back of the room, which will grant “root access”. Interact with the lever, but be careful, for as soon as you do a large new enemy type will appear in the room and lock the door. Once defeated, check where it died for the combination to get out. The combination is 2663.

The Root Tunnels are effectively a loop around most of the areas you’ve already been to, with rooms branching off intermittently. Here I’ll break down each of the side rooms, and detail what is within them.

Going back the way you came to get to the Break Room, we’ll head right and work our way around from there. We’ll also be referring to the root rooms by their given days of the week from here on.

  • ROOT FRIDAY Use the acid bottle we got from the dungeon on the dripping tap on the right of the room, to collect the acid and fill the bottle.
  • ROOT THURSDAY – Here, we see yet another computer puzzle to be solved involving gas pressures; this will allow us to access a new area in the Ocean Kingdom. The aim of this puzzle is to balance the numbers so that the total output is 50. The solution to this is CO – 17 / SO2 – 14 / NO2 – 11 / COCL2 – 8
  • ROOT WEDNESDAY – This is a safe room, so take the opportunity to save as the root tunnels are full of dangerous enemies.
  • ROOT TUESDAY – A puzzle involving an item we don’t yet have.
  • ROOT MONDAY – Both Tolman and the strange man from the arcade will be in here, talk to them both and exhaust both of their dialogues.
  • ROOT SUNDAY – A power generator that we can destroy, and the internal underground map.
  • ROOT SATURDAY – A room with a strange model, and the external underground map.

Once you’ve checked out all of the root rooms, and solved the Thursday puzzle, grabbed the acid, and destroyed the generator you can head back up to Ocean Kingdom, but sadly, whilst we can access The Seven Seas ride, it’s still useless to us.

However, to the left of The Seven Seas, the mysterious metal door from earlier has unlocked. Head left from The Seven Seas to enter the new area. Go right as you enter, and interact with the large wooden box with banging coming from within, and open it.

Inside will be Julie, the NPC we met in Haunted Hilltop earlier, and she’ll give us our next destination. There is another small room in this section that contains some helpful items, but be careful of mimic items which you may have come victim to already.

Even though we already know where the Theatre is, sadly we can’t access it through the front door, so instead we’ll need to return to the root tunnels, and make our way to the North East Elevator (the one between Room Saturday and Room Sunday).

Map directions of where to find the required elevator in Crow Country.
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Staff Hallway and Theatre

When you arrive in the elevator, you’ll be met with a large area with a lot of routes to follow – take a moment to explore, check out Pikes Office, and talk to Natalie, daughter of Edward Crow, and offer her an antidote – she’s directly next to the elevator you arrive in.

  • 1A – Elevator
  • 1B – Theatre
  • 1C – Crow’s Office
  • 1D – Pike’s Office (and more shortcuts back to Haunted Hilltop)
  • 1E – Natalie

Once you’re done exploring, move on over towards the Theatre area, as this is where we’ll be getting the gold key.

First, you’ll want to interact with the curtain pulley (1A) and raise it all the way, then head down the lift (1B) and be careful as the theatre is now filled with plenty of enemies. The telephone (1C) will be ringing, so pick it up to talk to Mr. Crow again. Finally, approach the water tank (1D) and interact with it to add the bottle of acid. Finally turn around and head back to the stage, where you’ll see a red valve.

Before using it, shoot the head off the fairy (which will reveal the key locked in more resin) and then use the valve. Use the lift to get back on the stage, and head up to collect the key, which you can now use to enter Mr. Crow’s Office.

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