Elemental Powers Tycoon Tier List – All Powers, Ranked

Mastering the art of power selection is a crucial step to becoming a formidable player in Elemental Powers Tycoon. Your choice of Power significantly affects your overall gear, making it a key determinant of your success. For those new to the game and yet to discover the best powers, this comprehensive Tier List, a treasure trove of strategic insights, is an invaluable resource for your study.

Powers Tier List – Elemental Powers Tycoon

All the Powers in the tier list are ranked not only based on their combat ability, upgrade cost and ease of use but also their strategic potential. Study the detailed list, choose the ones that match your play style, and challenge yourself to think tactically.

Tier Powers
S Time, Bone, Nature, Thunder, Darkness
A Light, Devil, Space, Poison, Technology
B Crystal, Gravity, Ice
C Fire
D Earth

Best Powers in Elemental Powers Tycoon

Below, I have listed all the Powers in Elemental Powers Tycoon and why they belong to a particular level.

S- Tier

  • time: Time is the best Power in the game because you can freeze time and make everyone stand still for almost 3 to 5 seconds. Within these few seconds, you can easily rip off 60 to 80% of your health bar, tilting any battle in your favor. It’s a very powerful skill, and I recommend getting one if you want to become the best player.
  • bones: At first glance, the bones may look like very ordinary powers due to the number of damaged bones. But it possesses a terrible ability called Jealousy, which can one-shot everyone and has a very low cooldown timer. I suggest you get the fruit if you are a slow and methodical player.
  • Darkness: The Darkness is a very deadly Power in Elemental Powers Tycoon. Out of all the abilities, I like the purple hand ability that can easily grab players and take them to the other world for a few seconds where you can deal a lot of damage and they will move very slowly.
  • nature: Nature is another advanced Power in the game that allows you to manipulate the powers of nature. Use abilities like tree spawn and rainfalls to damage enemies. Other than that, the upgrades are low and are very easy to get since it is a non-VIP Power.
  • Thunder: The Thunder is the best Power in the game for players who love striking and auto features. Summon the cloud to strike the enemy players periodically, or use the Nimbus Cloud to reposition strategically. It’s a balanced kit that has something for everyone in the game.

A- Tier

  • Technology: Technology is a very strong Power in Elemental Powers Tycoon. Everything from his sword to the Tesla Coil is deadly in any scenario and can dish out a lot of damage. The only worrying part is that you have to stay close to some of your equipment to use it, making it weak in terms of range ability.
  • light: The Light is one of the best powers in the game for players who love speed. Use your Speed ​​ability to move 2 to 3 times your original speed and sword skill to deflect any incoming attacks. If none of them work? Throw your orbs to blind your enemy and escape the battlefield.
  • devil: If you love to fight passively stay aloof, then let the Devil be your go-to Power. This Power allows users to spam several damaging trading abilities such as black fluid projectiles and white spikes from a long distance. You can also get close to the opponent using the teleport for a quick surprise attack if needed.
  • poison: Poison is a blood-based Power, which means that most attacks won’t immediately deal colossal damage. Instead, they will slowly deteriorate over time. It is an amazing Power for players who love to play strategically and attack only when they find an opening.
  • Space: Space is another great power that has insane damage numbers and possesses the unstoppable ultimate ability called UFO that can quickly destroy multiple opponents in battle. Even after having such great gear, the Spatial Power lacks effectiveness in close combat, and melee players should avoid using it.


  • Crystal: The Crystal is a decent Power with a good mix of short and long range abilities. Abilities like Energy Crash and Crystal Eruption are effective in any PVP battle. The only downside is that it lacks raw damage numbers compared to other Powers in the A and S tier. Still, it’s a great Power for beginners, and you should try to get one if you’re starting out.
  • Gravity: Gravity is another decent power in Elemental Powers Tycoon that has good damage numbers and is very effective in combat due to abilities like Gravity Katana and Tectonic Burst. So why does it belong to B-Tier? Well, the upgrade costs are high, and it takes a lot of time to master each skill.
  • Ice: Ice is another amazing power for amateur players who are learning the basic ropes of the game due to the ease of connecting the skills. But, as a package, skills like Ice Disc or Frost Fire Bomb need more numbers than other senior Powers.


  • Fire: Fire is a mediocre Power in Elemental Power Tycoon with fantastic abilities but lacks damage and long range ability. However, it suits melee players who love to deal a lot of damage using their hands and legs.

D level

  • Earth: Earth is the worst Power in the game. Although the attacks look menacing, they are very slow, and you would have to rely on luck/timing to make it work. Because of this, stop using Earth Powers until it gets significant sand in terms of attack speed.

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