Grounded shoots 155 points on sales charts in April

The game Grounded saw great popularity the moment it set foot on PlayStation, which speaks volumes about second chances in the gaming industry.

According to Matt Piscatella, a video game industry consultant, the Grounded game made a huge jump on the sales charts in April. After sitting back at 167th place in March, surrounded by giant ants in the backyard, it shot up to an impressive 12th place. The main reason for this was the release of the game on the PlayStation platform.

The numbers are even more impressive when you realize that the game is not free! In April, Grounded became the ninth best-selling game on PlayStation, showing everyone the power of having a good fan base. Of course, the PlayStation platform also played an important role in this success.

Being available on PlayStation can be a game changer for many games. It’s a popular platform with millions of players that gives older or lesser-known games a new chance to shine. Spikes in popularity for niche games like Grounded are rarely that big, even if they’re part of the PlayStation+ subscription offering.

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Grounded’s newfound popularity is a perfect example of how a release on another gaming platform can revive games. Of course, it helps if the game is good, as is the case with Grounded. That’s why developers look forward to porting games (we’re looking at you Phasmophobia). Just look at the interest in the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PC release.

The continued success of games on other platforms means that quality titles will always find a way to their audience. So, if there’s a game you’ve missed before, keep an eye out for new releases for your favorite platform. You might find games like Grounded that have been given a second chance.

A grounded launch into the popular stratosphere is just one of several feel-good stories we’ve heard. If you play old Fallout games because of the fall out Hit TV show, you know what we’re talking about.

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