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The cool Aura is a rare gem in Roblox Aura Craft, requiring a collection of unique items to craft. If you want to craft and equip this prestigious Aura for your character, here’s a breakdown of the step-by-step process.

The Superb Aura is not just a rare item; it is a visual and audio spectacle in the game. Upon equipping, your character will be engulfed in vibrant yellow flames, releasing an explosion of yellow particles from the character’s feet. The Aura also has a unique sound, a ringing soundtrack that adds to its appeal. It’s one of the few Auras in the game with sound by default, making it a really special item to craft.

How to get Superb fast in Aura Craft

As a rare Aura, creating the Superb is a complex and rewarding task. That’s right, you have to navigate through 13 steps before the Superb is yours. If you have discovered a more efficient or faster process, please share it in the comment section.

Steps Target Aura A mixture
1 a plant Earth + Water
2 a tree Plant + Plant
3 air Tree + Tree
4 Stone Earth + Earth
5 Coal Stone + Stone
6 Gold Coal + Water
7 Cloud Air + Air
8 dust Plant + Fire
9 spirit Dust + Fire
10 a storm Spirit + Water
11 rainbow Storm + Spirit
12 harmony Rainbow + Cloud
13 Excellent Gold + Harmony

How rare is the Superb Aura in Aura Craft?

As mentioned earlier, the Superb Aura is not only rare; it is one of the rarest Auras in the game. At the time of writing, only 66 people created it using the recipe. So, suppose you are looking for an extraordinary and rare aura to show off with your friends in Aura Craft. In that case, I highly recommend you create the Superb before it becomes popular and loses its exclusivity.

What can you create with Superb in Aura Craft?

Unfortunately, being a very exclusive Aura, it does not gel/mix with other standard Auras to reproduce unique ones. If you can create something with Aura Craft, please share your recipes in the comment section.

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