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One of the most common problems faced by Dress to Impress players is lag and stuttering issues, making the game unplayable in various instances, such as walking down the ramp. So, if you are a gamer facing such problems, here are some solutions to fix the problem.

Best Solutions to fix stuttering and lag in Dress to Impress

Below, you can find some great solutions to fix the lag issues in Dress to Impress.

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  • Game Settings: The first thing you should do to fix the stuttering problem is to change the graphics settings. Yes, Dress to Impress has dedicated graphics settings in the game now, and you can switch between three options: Low, Default and High. I recommend always going with the low option if you are constantly facing lag issues and are on mobile devices. Click on the Wheel Icon Option on the left side of the main menu to open the setting.
  • Run the Xbox App Roblox Client (PC and Xbox): Always play Dress to Impress using the Xbox app client instead of downloading the Roblox player from the website. This program is highly optimized for Windows and runs all games, including Dress to Impress, much better than others.
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  • Roblox Graphics Settings: Along with the in-game settings, there is also a setting for the Roblox player. Press the pause button to open the Roblox player setting and go to the graphics section. Here, change the graphics settings from automatic to manual and lower the bar to the bare minimum.
  • Administrative Rights (PC only): Always run the game with full administrative privileges so that all the resources of your computer work to run the game much smoother and without lag. Also, while running the game, make sure no programs are running in the background.
  • Update Devices: The Dress to Impress is one of those games that consumes a lot of RAM. I recommend running the game on a mobile device with at least 6 GB of RAM, either on a mobile device or a PC, for smooth game operation. I tested myself on devices with less than 6GB of RAM and found consistent lag/stuttering issues.

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