How to get Essential Stones in Solo Leveling ARISE

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, the ultimate currency is Essence Stone, which can be converted into Draw Tickets to draw for rare characters and weapons. The more Essential Stones you have, the greater your chances of boosting your account. Here are all the ways you can get them.

All ways to get Essence Stones in Solo Leveling ARISE

All 250 Essential Stones you own can be converted into one Draw Ticket, which is equal to one attempt at the gacha. If you are a spender, you can easily buy Essential Stones or Diamonds (which can be converted into Essential Stones) using real life from the Shop. But there are also many ways you can get them by playing the game.


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As a live service gacha game, Solo Leveling: ARISE will often release limited-time events with rewards, including Essence Stones. Access the event menu by talking to the Information Desk in the Lobby, then participate each day to claim all rewards before the event period ends.

Story Rewards

Single Leveling: ARISE Main Story Chapter 6
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You can get 50 Essential Stones for completing each stage in a Story Chapter, regardless of whether they only feature dialogue or you fight enemies. You can also get two Choice Online Tickets for completing an entire Story Chapter and two more if you complete all Battle Missions. Some Battle Missions will require you to own certain characters or meet conditions that may be impossible on your first try, but you can try again when you're ready.


Solo Leveling: ARISE tutorials page
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Learning the ropes is rewarding in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Go to the Tutorial menu and read through each tutorial with a red exclamation point. Be sure to click the next button until you reach the last page, then click it one more time after reaching the last page to get a whopping 10 Essential Stones! With so many tutorials, they add up pretty quickly and can get you some valuable draws.


Solo Leveling: ARISE Achievement page
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Reaching certain milestones will allow you to claim Achievement rewards, which include Essence Stones. When you're not sure what to do in the game, check out the Achievement menu and complete the milestones you're missing for free rewards.


Solo Leveling: ARISE Codex page
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The Codex is an encyclopedia of everything that can be found in the game. Whenever you acquire a new item, character, or weapon in the Codex, you can receive a variety of rewards, including Essential Stones, upgrade materials, and Gold.

Daily Missions and Reputation

Solo Leveling: ARISE Daily Mission reward
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You can complete up to five Daily and Weekly Missions to receive Essential Stones each day and week respectively. These reward you with Reputation EXP, which will also reward you with Essence Stones whenever you level up. You can track your Reputation EXP meter under your username in the main menu.

Distribution Mining Team

Solo Leveling: ARISE mine dispatch screen
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By sending mining teams to the Gates, you can farm for Mana Crystals and other important creative and upgrade resources. You'll also get some bonus Essence Stones. Although they may not be much, I still strongly recommend sending mining teams whenever you are free, as it only takes a few clicks to do so.

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