How to get Risk Dice in Anime Defenders fast

The strength of your best units in Anime Defenders can make the difference between an easy victory or a crushing defeat. One way is to improve a character by rerolling their ranks. Here’s how to get the Risk Dice in Anime Defenders you need to reroll.

Farming Risky Dice in Anime Defenders

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The fastest way to get Risky Dice is to buy it for Robux. You can get 15 Dice for 599 or 45 for 1499 Robux. But if you’re not in the mood to spend real money, you can get Risky Dice for free by completing Challenges. To unlock Challenges, you must complete the first chapter of Story missions.

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With every Challenge win, you will get one Risk Dice. It will take you about eight minutes to complete one run. Since each unit has three ranks, you’ll want at least three Risk Dice per unit you want to improve. You may notice that you will also receive a Frost Bind after victories. This is an essential item for rerolling because it helps you freeze a rank that you don’t want to be changed.

Complete Anime Defenders Quests to get Risky Dice

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You can too earn Risky Dice by completing Daily and Weekly quests in Anime Defenders. For example, if you complete all the Daily quests, you will earn x1 Risk Dice. Weekly quests are also helpful as you can get more Risk Dice just by logging into the game four times (once in 24 hours) per week.

Best way to use Rank Rerolls in Anime Defenders

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To make sure you get the most out of rank rollback, you must use Frost Bind. If your unit has two strong ranks, you’ll want to protect them by using Frost Bind to freeze them. That way, you’ll only be rerolling one unprotected category. For example, my Lava Admiral (pictured above) has very good Cooldown and Range, and I don’t want to risk getting a worse rank for them. Therefore I will freeze and reroll Damage in hopes of getting at least a C rank.

I suggest you don’t risk rerolling without Frost Bind, because you can get a lower rank than your unit has. If you have excess Risk Dice, you can use it on smaller units, but that would be a waste of valuable resources.

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