How to get Shadow skill in Universal Time

Skills are important to Universal Time Roblox experience; having the best will make you a stronger fighter. One of the strongest skills is Shadow, but it’s not easy to get. This is how to get Shadow skill in AUT.

How to complete Shadow Quest in AUT – Universal Time

You need to complete the Shadow quest to get Shadow skill in Universal Time. It is important to note that completing the quest is the only way to obtain Shadow, as it is unavailable through gacha or Shop. There are also many things to do, but before you can even begin, you must be level 200. When you reach that level, journey to Goku island.

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When you get to Goku Island, go to the port, and you’ll find EpicNitronX203 NPC’s house on the water not far from there. You can’t miss him because he’s at the big house, with an aura surrounding him. Talk to EpicNitronX203 start the Shadow quest line. He will give you Nitron’s Special Adventure quest, first step to acquiring Shadow skill. Your task is to defeat enemies from the list below while Stare.

boss Spawning place
The Oni Talk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 90)
The Bearer Talk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 150)
Minos Prime Boss changes
Josuke Higashikata Boss changes
Defeat God Boss changes
The Knight Talk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 120)
Defeat Devil Boss changes
Defeat Umbra Boss changes
Defeat The Honorable Talk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 180)

Once you’ve dealt with all the bosses, return to EpicNitronX203 for another set of quests. Your next task is defeat Whitebeard and return his Bisento to EpicNitronX203and to defeat 100 prisoners. If you need help, redeem Roblox A Universal Time (AUT) codes.

How to beat Whitebeard in Universal Time (AUT)

Whitebeard attack leader in AUT
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Talk to Kuma and travel to Marineford (location introduced in AUT Summer update 3.6). A white bearded boss will appear every three hours worldwide EST (12am, 3am, 6am, etc). It’s hard to beat Whitebeard like he is a raid leader, which means you can’t defeat him alone. You must deal at least 15% of total damage for a chance to get some of the rewards listed below (including the quest item Biscent of Whitebeard). When you succeed, return to EpicNitronX203 NPC.

  • 5% chance for a random One Piece Mountain:
    • Striker
    • Smokers Billlower Bike
    • Buggy Kart
    • Aokiji’s Bicycle
    • Mini Gaia
  • 100% chance for a random amount of Event Points of 75-100
  • 100% chance for a random amount of UCoins ranging from 750,000 – 1,000,000
  • 100% chance for legendary chest for every player
  • Whitebeard’s Bisento (50% chance) (Used in “Shadow” quest)
  • 75% for a random Devil Fruit

Where to find Prisoners in Universal Time (AUT)

Location of prisoners in AUT
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you will find Prisoners around Joestar Mansion in Universal Time. Talk to the Ferry Captain NPC at the port, and he will take you to the mansion location. They are part of the Shadow quest, which means you have to be at least level 200 to defeat them.

How to get all the Cursed Gems in Universal Time

To complete the Resurrection, the final quest given by EpicNitronX302, you must craft five Gems listed below. To do this, talk to Z4 NPC, located near the Colosseum. When you convert all abilities to Gems, return to EpicNitronX302 to get the Cursed Gem.

Gem How to get
Kinetic Gem Created by the Locke skill
Phoenix Gem Created from the Dawn ability
Dragon Gem Created from the Dragon Knight ability
Soul Gem Created from the Reaper ability
Monochromatic Gem Created by the Xeno ability
Cid Kagenou boss in A Universal Time Roblox
Image via Universe Time Studio

Now that you’ve completed the Shadow quest, you’re ready to face Cid Kagenou (level 250). You will need 1 million UCoins and the Cursed Gem to summon Cid at the boss spawning cave. Prepare for a tough fight as Cid cannot be stunned, knocked down or captured. After you beat Cid, you’ll get the Shadow Legendary ability.

Now that you know how to get Shadow ability in AUT, check out how to get Ope Devil Fruit in Universal Time at Pro Game Guides.

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