How to get Thalamus in Hades 2

Thalamus is used to create the Fatigue Link Enchantment in Hades 2, which allows you to explore the surface without taking any damage. This makes Thalamus an important material in the game, so this is how you can get Thalamus in Hades 2.

How to get Original Seeds to grow Thalamus in Hades 2

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Unlike most materials in Hades 2, you cannot find Thalamus during your runs and must grow them on the Ground at the Crossroads. You need the Origin Seeds to grow Thalamus, which can only be found inside the Chaos Gates. The only two ways to get Original Seeds from there is by digging them up with the Silver Sword, or sometimes you might get lucky and get the Original Seeds of Chaos yourself.

How to get to the Chaos Gates in Hades 2

Hades 2 Chaos Gates entry
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Anyway, to get Original Seeds, you’ll have to go to the Chaos Gates (the hardest part). To get there, you need to start your run and go as far as possible until you see an entry for Chaos Gates on the floor. If you find it, activate it and sacrifice some health to get inside where you can dig the seed. Alternatively, Chaos could reward you with it.

How to grow Thalamus from Original Seeds in Hades 2

Hades 2 Placing an Original Seed in the ground
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To grow Thalamus, you will need fertile soil that allows you to grow plants on it, which you should already have obtained from the cauldron. Now, go to the ground, interact with it and select the Original Seed from the selection.

After that, you have to wait until it grows. You can do this by doing more runs or spending time in the hot spring with other characters or any other activity at the Crossroads. Once it’s ready, go harvest the Thalamus you grew to use in your Fatigue Link Enchantment.

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