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Alter is the newest addition to Apex Legend Season 21, Chaos. She brings a new range of Void abilities to the arena, including some that can resemble Wraith and Ash. In this guide, we'll cover her basic skills and also look at how her skill can be used in the context of other Legends and difficult situations, whether you're playing Solo or in a team.

How to use all Alter skills in Apex Legends

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Alter's presence in the game will feel quite similar to Wraith and Ash, as she also has a passive that lets her understand her surroundings better. Similarly, her tactical and ultimate skills let her create a direct impact on the map, and using these three skills in synergy is what keeps her playstyle unique.

Tactical – Empty Passage

Change tactical ability used in Apex Legends Season 21
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Players familiar with Wraith know that creating portals is not new to the game. As for Alter, her tactical ability lets her down create a portal through different surfaces in the game. This allows you and your teammates to travel through walls, without taking damage in the process.

The best way to use this in-game is aside the enemy squad. When approaching another squad, quickly create a portal that allows you and your team to move across different surfaces, confusing your opponents. You can also use this as a quick to leave if things get serious and you can't fight anymore.

You might think the portal can be used for high ground, but if Alter tries to do something like that, enemies will notice and shoot her before she can do anything (there's a small delay before you can shoot coming out of that portal).

Passive – Gift Of The Rift

Just like Ash, Alter has the gift of using death boxes to her advantage. Like Alter, you can grab an item from an enemy death chest even if it is more than 10-20 meters away. You just have to focus your goal on a dead box and let the prompt for interaction appear. Doing so allows you to loot items that you may need in your inventory, whether it's a weapon attachment, a healing item, or a survival item.

During combat, use this to your advantage by understanding what you and/or your team needs. For example, you may require heavy ammunition but be under heavy fire from the enemy squad. Quickly look around to see if there is a death chest that can give you heavy ammo from afar.

Ultimate – Void Nexus

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This is easily one of the most unique ultimate abilities in Apex Legends right now, as it creates a safe space for everyone in your squad to teleport to. Once you deploy your Void Nexus, you and your teammates can view it from further away (around 200 meters) and phase towards it after interacting.

This is probably the strongest part of Alter's kit in the game. In the midst of battle, find a place around you that feels safe. If you're with someone like Rampart or Wattson, ask your teammates to create a good defense right around the portal by placing turrets or electric fences. Legends like Gibraltar and Newcastle can also help by fortifying the area with their own tactical/ultimate skills.

Best updates for Alter in Apex Legends

The Alter upgrades shown in Apex Legends Season 21?
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Now that you know what each and every ability of Alter does in the arena, it's time to focus on which upgrades to choose to make the best of her abilities. These are the upgrades to choose from:

At level 2, you can choose between reducing the ultimate cooldown by 30 seconds or extending the highlights, which let you see health bars after exiting Alter's Tactical. For this one, select the ultimate cooling reduction as it allows you to be faster with placing the Nexus regroup point for you and your squad members.

At level 3, you can choose between having the Void Nexus never run out, or reducing tactical cooldown by 10 seconds. Go for the unlimited Void Nexusas this helps you and your teammates rely entirely on your ultimate as a backup option during battles.

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