How to sign up for the Once Human beta

Once Human is an upcoming MMOFPS set in a post-apocalyptic open world, and millions of players are lining up to try it out. Since I'm a huge fan of sandbox shooters, I had to find out how to sign up for the Once Human beta, and now you can too!

How to pre-register for Once Human beta

Once Upon a Man presents a world in the midst of a catastrophic pandemic. A horde of alien-like creatures known as Deviations have taken over the world, spreading the mine-altering substance called Stardust. Any human, animal or plant that comes into contact with Stardust becomes a Deviant, slowly but surely becoming more dangerous over time.

To counter this threat, people joined forces to form a Faction, where the five most skilled soldiers stand out from the rest. Although I'm inclined to join the Faction, playing as Deviation sounds like a fun experience too! For a taste of things to come, let's jump into the beta.

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How to join Once Human Beta on mobile (Android)

To join the Once Human Beta on mobile, follow these steps:

  • Once Human Google Play page

  1. Visit the official Once Human web page.
  2. Tap the Button Pre-register on Google Play. (Image 1)
  3. On the Once Human Google Play page, tap PreSign up.
  4. After the message ''You have pre-registered for this game'' appears, tap reached.

Your mobile will automatically pre-install the game, and you will receive a notification once you can play the beta.

How to join Once Human Beta on PC

The process to join the beta on PC takes a few more steps, but it's similarly easy. Here's how to do it:

  • Once Human official website landing page
  • Once Human settings screen
  • Once Human Loading Bay installer

  1. Visit the official Once Human web page.
  2. Click on the Button Pre-Download Beta Launcher (PC).. (Image 1)
  3. launch ONCE_HUMAN_setup_official.exe.
  4. When the installer launches, check the I have read and agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy box (assuming you read it). (Image 2)
  5. click Custom Installation to select your installation folder, and press Install.
  6. After installing the Once Human beta installer, wait until it downloads and installs the game (Image 3)

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