Silent Hill 2 remake finally gets a release date and a new trailer

After months and months of waiting as anxiously as anyone trying in vain to hide from Pyramid Head, Playstation’s annual State of Play Livestream revealed a much-needed brand new trailer for Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2. Not only that, we finally have an official release date that’s right in time for the spooky season.

What’s new in the Silent Hill 2 State of Play trailer

Image via Bloober Team

There was a lot of new content to take in and break down in Silent Hill 2’s State of Play trailer, and we almost don’t know where to start. It begins with a faithful rendition of James Sunderland’s first encounter with Angela Orosco, which we now see in full view. As we’ve already seen with James, the character design in the remake leans towards a very realistic look rather than something more stylized.

We also obviously have new voice acting to look forward to across the board, and so far it sounds pretty polished. Their conversation continues off-screen as we get a sequence of various moments throughout the game, from James wandering the foggy streets, plunging into the depths of the Historical Society and solving the game’s many abstract puzzles.

The overall theme of the trailer leans on Angela’s personal torment, with multiple glimpses of the infamous “Abstract Daddy” monster that stalks her in the original game.

Pyramid Head and other notable characters may be noticeably absent from this trailer, but it still presents a much more paced and polished version of what our experience will be in Silent Hill this time around. As seen at the end, the game itself will be called “Silent Hill 2”, in full faith to the original title.

When is the Silent Hill 2 remake release date and how do you pre-order?

As revealed in the new State of Play trailer for the game, the remake of Silent Hill 2 is now officially released worldwide. 8 October 2024.

The game is now available for pre-order on both steam and the PlayStation store. For both platforms, there is two editions available: Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition. Both editions include the base game along with a few extras, which we’ve listed below along with their respective prices.

Additionally, those who pre-ordered the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition will 48-hour Early Accessmeaning you’ll get to dive into Silent Hill two days before the official release.

Game Edition Price (Steam and PlayStation) Items Included
Standard Edition $69.99 Silent Hill 2 (base game)
Robbie the Rabbit Mask
Mira the Dog Mask
Digital Deluxe Edition $79.99 Silent Hill 2 (base game)
Digital Art Book
Digital soundtrack
Pyramid Head Mask (pichu)
Robbie the Rabbit Mask
Mira the Dog Mask
48-hour Early Access

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