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Slime Legion is a match-three game where you put together teams of four monsters to take on hordes of enemies. I’ll rank every Slime Legion monster here to help you decide who to put on your next team.

Slime Legion Monsters Tier List

This Slime Legion Tier List includes every single monster in the game, from S-Tier attackers to common support monsters. All of the rankings are based on my own experiences using each of the monsters, so yours may differ slightly.

Rank Monster Name
S Angie, Aurora, Brawler, Mina, Prophet, Totem, Undine, Wine Sage
A Chief Judge, Crack Rock, Dark Knight, Dread Lord, Drogon, Egg Thrower, Erlinsea, Laplace, Ghost Butterfly, Medea, Medusa, Protector, Selena, Shiranui, Smelly Flower, Witch
B Amy, Bella, Berserker, Cannibal Flower, Dark Elf, Dracula, Fenrir, Ghost, Grinch, Hemera, Lurker, Navi, Nemo, Nova, Nyx, P.Bot, Siren, Venom, Zombie
C Apelet, Blackhat, Cactus, Clown, Death, Frost, Hades, Iron Fist, Little Deer, Little Devil, Mummy, Naga, Night Terror, Rabi, Slime, Succubus, Yuffie
D Chubby, Engineer, Goblin, Leviathan, Oliver, Rocky

All Slime Legion Monsters, Ranked

Each monster in our list will have a short blurb explaining why they’ve been ranked where they are. Keep in mind that the abilities mentioned will depend on the upgrade paths you choose in your game, so you may use some of them quite often while never seeing others.

All S-Tier Monsters in Slime Legion

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These Monsters are the best of the best when it comes to defending your castle.

  • Angie: Angie has a lot of unique and somewhat complicated skills that make her indispensable. Essentially, she is able to boost her allies, pull distant enemies close to her, and power herself up to stop enemy attacks and even resurrect fallen allies. Every time she uses a skill for the fourth time, they have enhanced effects. For example, her typical basic attacks will apply a 20% slowing effect. On the fourth enhanced use, this effect will transform into one second of immobilization. This makes her skills a little harder to memorize, but it helps her take down tougher enemies with ease.
  • Aurora: Aurora, the Goddess of Radiance, is one of the most powerful monsters in Slime Legion. The damage she deals increases based on how many monsters and heroes the enemy has on the field. She also has two extremely powerful skills, the Arrow of Light and the Bound Arrow, that provide monumental buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies. The exact effects of those skills change depending on whether she is being used for PVE or PVP. It makes her a super powerful ally on your squad no matter what fight you’re in.
  • Brawler: The Brawler has two states—regular and mad. When in his mad state, he rapidly punches nearby enemies for 1,000% damage before taking a five-second rest. His damage increases when attacking bleeding or low-health enemies. While his phenomenal damage output already makes him a force to be reckoned with, his level 9 ability allowing him to increase the attack of allies one slot away by 15% means even his allies will be overpowered.
  • Mina: Mina feels like a stronger version of Dracula to me. She has the same bat summoning and bleeding-inflicting capabilities. However, she also does 200% extra damage to debuffed enemies and can enter a state called Blood Ecstasy. In this state, she has a chance to send a bat dealing 100% damage to the enemy closest to your castle after absorbing blood. It gives her a nice defensive touch to her otherwise offensive abilities.
  • Prophet: The Prophet uses chain-lightning attacks that essentially make him a powerful version of Oliver. At the start of a battle, the Prophet uses the “power of the wolf” to double his damage and increase allies’ damage. This can later be upgraded to the “power of the eagle,” which provides damage and speed buffs to allies and speed debuffs to enemies in a larger area. He can also occasionally remove debuffs applied to allies, giving him an edge in PVP fights.
  • Totem: The Totem is an extremely powerful support monster. When upgraded, it can increase the bonuses, attack, and attack speed of allies in range. It can also increase the damage enemies in range take with the proper upgrades. As a final bonus, each totem can heal your castle slowly and apply the vulnerable effect to enemies.
  • Undine: Undine is a water-based attacker that attacks anyone within two slots of her with columns of water. In particular, she becomes a formidable ally when players select the upgrade that increases her range by one slot while doubling her damage. I combine this and the upgrade allowing her to produce an extra column of water to turn her into a powerhouse.
  • Wine Sage: The Wine Sage is the “Po” of Slime Legion. He has martial arts-style attacks with the third attack being able to stun. As he is powered up, he gains a 20% chance to burn enemies while dealing an extra 300% damage to enemies under debuffs that control them, like being frozen, rooted, or afraid. He also has a special Drunken state that empowers his skills, gives him a damage boost, and a few other special abilities.

All A-Tier Monsters in Slime Legion

The Egg Thrower's character card in Slime Legion
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While not quite to the standards of the S-Rank monsters, these A-Rankers will have your back in any fight.

  • Chief Judge: The Chief Judge is a holy blade user who can be upgraded to increase the attack speed of three friendly units when battles begin. After hitting enemies twice, they will unleash a Judge’s Strike attack that deals 200% damage and stuns enemies. They’re a strong close-range enemy that I like to pair with the Witch for extended stuns.
  • Crack Rock: One of Crack Rock’s specialties is summoning a sandstorm that continuously damages all enemies on the field. The damage of this storm can be upgraded to increase based on the number of Crack Rocks on your side of the field. It’s a great way to take out a lot of smaller monsters in one (or two) fell swoops. Combined with his strong attack damage, this makes him a beast worth keeping on hand.
  • Dark Knight: The Dark Knight’s strength comes from his Battle Spirit ability. As he attacks enemies, he will build up Battle Spirit which will increase the range and penetration of his attacks depending on how many he has. As you upgrade him, he will even perform an Ultimate Slash attack dealing 300% damage to all enemies at the expense of his Battle Spirit. It’s a mechanism unique solely to him that makes him one of the strongest Slime Legion attackers.
  • Dread Lord: The Dread Lord is one of the few Slime Legion monsters that inflicts the status effect that they can improve themselves with. It can inflict fear upon enemies. After killing an enemy with this infliction, the Dread Lord can enter Hyper Status for five seconds to release bursts of flames and increase their attack speed. If that’s not enough, his damage buffs against frozen and burning enemies plus his overpowered Deadly Ray attack will leave your enemies in the dust.
  • Drogon: The Drogon is a special monster because it has both long and short-range attacks. It can also summon baby dragon hatchlings, which power up its next short-range breath attack if they kill an enemy before Drogon fires. A few of the other intricacies that make the Drogon special are that it’s powered up by other fire-type allies, it can knock back enemies, and its powerful attack is summoning an entire dragon!
  • Egg Thrower: The Egg Thrower is the long-range attacker you start Slime Legion with. Its eggs can be upgraded to pierce threw enemies and be thrown three at once, vastly increasing the damage it does.
  • Erlinsea: Earlinsea is an average-powered character that increases her power not through damage, but by applying buffs and debuffs. The main debuff she applies is slowing, but she also has the potential to root and freeze enemies. Her strongest upgrade gives her a chance to cause other monsters attacks to inflict special effects on enemies depending on their typing. When it comes to buffs, her Sea Song can increase ally damage by 100% for two seconds.
  • Ghost Butterfly: Where Dracula has his guardian bats, the Ghost Butterfly has guardian butterflies. Her kit is perfect for taking out groups of enemies and inflicting the corruption effect. Her regular attack inflicts corruption on enemies, which will deal 20% of damage to them per second over five seconds. Her later upgrades improve her corruption damage and allow her to summon butterflies, turning her into a ferocious beast in no time at all.
  • Laplace: Laplace is a complicated monster that can do a lot of good if you understand how it works. Its primary attack changes based on upgrades and can either throw cards in a fan-shaped direction or penetrate through enemies in a straight line. Their power levels depend on the number of merged monsters on the field, which increases both their attack and speed with the right upgrades. Additionally, they have a protective ability that can teleport enemies approaching the castle three slots above where they were. This combination of offensive and defensive capabilities makes them a great ally to keep in mind.
  • Medea: Medea’s power comes from her robot army, including machine gun drones and self-destructing robots. When she kills a debuffed enemy, she has a 20% chance to summon a self-destructing robot that will deal 100% damage to other enemies in the vicinity. This makes her a great monster to use in combination with monsters that debuff enemies.
  • Medusa: As her mythology implies, Medusa can petrify enemies to make them take extra damage. Additionally, her abilities include poisoning enemies, summoning vipers, and slowing enemies after they have been petrified. Even her summoned vipers can petrify and poison enemies, adding to her usefulness.
  • Protector: The Protector is a support monster that creates shields to protect the castle and damage enemies. Enemies blocked by its shields will take extra damage and will be stopped momentarily. Additionally, after level 9 Protectors can be upgraded to automatically root all enemies on the field if the castle is about to take a fatal blow. The time of this ability depends on the number of Protectors on the field, but it could give you just enough time to save yourself.
  • Selena: Selena is a spider monster with great crowd control abilities due to her spiderwebs. Her spiderwebs may be activated when hitting, killing, or just every 15 seconds depending on how she has been upgraded during a battle. Enemies in the webs will be slowed and potentially rooted, turning them into easy targets for Selena and other monsters in the vicinity.
  • Shiranui: Shiranui is great for boss fighting due to its skills in attacking a single target. After every two attacks, it’ll throw a Moon Disc that deals 300% damage and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds. At the start of battles, Shiranui can summon the full moon to increase its damage and leave a Lunar Mark on the enemy. This will allow it to do extra damage to that enemy and knock it back, after which the mark will disappear. While its strength is in single-target attacks, the ability of the moon disc to bounce between enemies helps it deal with lots of smaller enemies.
  • Smelly Flower: The Smelly Flower specializes in poisoning monsters rather than doing a lot of damage. It poisons all enemies for 100% damage from one slot away, which can be upgraded to 1.5 slots away. As the flower gets stronger, it will debuff enemies in range and potentially even make them fearful.
  • Witch: The Witch is a fire-type monster that summons fiery hurricanes to spin around herself and damage enemies. Most of her upgrades increase the chance of summoning, damage, and duration of these hurricanes. She can also increase the time an enemy is stunned by 0.5 seconds.

All B-Tier Monsters in Slime Legion

The Berserker monster's character card in Slime Legion
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  • Amy: Amy’s attacks come in the form of targeted holy missiles. When she attacks enemies, she has a 20% chance to fire off 3 missiles doing 200% damage each. Upgrading her further will increase the number of missiles, allow them to explode, and give them a chance to inflict weakness on enemies. The weakness effect is useful for boss fights since it’ll reduce the damage enemies do to your castle.
  • Bella: Bella is a fire-type enemy that specializes in spreading the burning effect amongst enemy troops. Her first upgrade allows her to throw three flames in random directions. In contrast, later upgrades give her access to a wind spell that will carry flames with it to new enemies. This makes her spells perfect for lighting an entire army alight, albeit somewhat unpredictably.
  • Berserker: The Berserker is a long-range attacker that deals extra damage to far-away enemies. His attacks can be upgraded to hit two enemies. However, the Egg Thrower is a better distance damager than the Berserker, leaving him in Tier B.
  • Cannibal Flower: The Cannibal Flower has a unique “devouring” mechanic that sets it apart from the rest. When it attacks any non-boss enemy, it has a 10% chance to swallow them. Swallowing an enemy transitions Cannibal Flowers into a Chewing State where it will no longer do damage to other enemies. Their devouring and chewing stages can be upgraded for extra power. This could easily put them in the A-Tier, but I chose to leave them in Tier B due to the time the chewing stage takes.
  • Dark Elf: Dark Elves are a physical enemy with upgrades that allow them to shoot all kinds of arrows at their foe. The factor that makes them a B-Tier instead of a C-Tier is their usefulness when combined with an ally that makes enemies afraid. These Dark Elves can be upgraded so that killing a fearful enemy will upgrade their attack damage by 50% for the rest of the battle. This will cause their power levels to shoot up. However, without an ally with the fearful debuff, they’d easily shoot down to the C tier.
  • Dracula: Dracula is one of the first S-Rank Monsters available to players excluding those earned from events. He’s a good close-range fighter who makes enemies take bleeding damage.
  • Fenrir: Fenrirs are close-range attackers that have a 50% chance of clawing enemies while attacking. Their identity as wolves affects their abilities. Fenrirs directly next to each other will have their attack speed increased by 50% while solo Fenrirs will have their damage buffed by 100%. Additionally, they can lock onto prey at the start of the battle to hunt them down regardless of distance. If you fill the board with them, they have the potential to wipe out your enemies with speed and precision.
  • Ghost: The Ghost shoots poisonous bubbles that explode when they reach their endpoint. These explosions deal 100% damage to enemies and poison them, albeit their size will increase as players upgrade the Ghost. They could be a good match with Medea if their bubbles are used to poison large amounts of enemies at once.
  • Grinch: The Grinch fires enemy-penetrating lasers from their aircraft at the cost of needing to recharge to power their weapons. They deal extra damage to burned enemies and can evolve their lasers to include laser balls and giant laser attacks. When fully upgraded, they will call for support from the sky that does 200% damage to all enemies while slowing them down.
  • Hemera: Hemera is considered the “embodiment of dawn” and is most powerful when used alongside Nyx. She can create a Dawn Shield, which damages passing enemies with 50% damage with a 50% chance to root them and do extra damage. Most of her skills are best used in combination with Nyx, providing her with a shield while empowering her.
  • Lurker: The Lurker’s specialty is in attacking bleeding enemies and increasing the bleeding enemies take. When attacking a bleeding enemy, there is a 1 in 5 chance for Lurkers to do a burst of damage for 200% of their damage while inflicting a stack of bleeding on the same enemy. In addition to increasing the bleeding effect on already bleeding enemies, they can occasionally inflict rooting on foes.
  • Navi: Navi is a machine-gun wielder with two special modes—Hyper State and Overheat Mode. Each of these modes will enhance Navi’s attacks and skills in different ways. In addition to skills creating machine gun fire, Navi can get upgrades that fire missiles, change bullets to armor-piercing rounds, and more.
  • Nemo: I placed Nemo in the B-Tier, particularly for their strength in fighting against bosses. This strength comes from the fact that their damage gradually increases by 5% as they attack the same enemy. Nemo can release special attacks like a Water Scythe and other Water Weapons as well as they are upgraded.
  • Nova: If you want to freeze or slow enemies, Nova is always a good option. At level 1, she has a 30% chance to activate ice storms that can either slow or freeze enemies. The rest of her updates increase the chances of freezing and slowing enemies, increase her attack damage, and increase how well her slowing effect works.
  • Nyx: Nyx is the “embodiment of night” and the intended partner of Hemera. Pairing her with Hemera unlocks hidden parts of her abilities, like a sword beam attack, and increases the duration of her Power of the Stars effect. She has multiple opportunities to penetrate through enemies, including the use of her Doom Star ability. Her Doom Star has a 50% chance of being inflicted on enemies. After a short time, the star will return to Nyx while damaging every enemy in its path.
  • P.Bot: P.Bot is a small robot that emits poison while buffing allies. It can increase the damage of allies in range by 25% and stun enemies for half of a second. After level 12, it will unlock the ability to turn enemies it defeats into pools of toxic poison. It’s a pretty handy ability for players earlier on in the game.
  • Siren: The Siren’s main claim to fame is that she can weaken enemies after unlocking her level 9 upgrade. This causes them to do 50% less damage to your castle upon impact, making her a more defensive pick. While she stands above those in the C-Tier due to this ability, it doesn’t match up to the protective abilities of the Protector, leaving her in Tier B.
  • Venom: Venom is a poisonous monster that spits poisonous gas while attacking foes. The range and damage of this gas can be upgraded, plus Venom can be powered up to create poisonous gas clouds after eliminating foes. The most special part of this fog is that, after the level 15 upgrade, it can instantly kill enemies with less than 10% of their health.
  • Zombie: The Zombie is an interesting monster because it deals high damage in exchange for taking short 3-second naps during the fight. There are a few workarounds around this sleeping phase. At level 5, players can upgrade the Zombie so it only naps for two seconds. Additionally, the level 15 upgrade puts any Zombie that kills 10 foes into Bloodthirsty mode. Bloodthirsty zombies will do +100% damage for the rest of the day without having to sleep. If used well, this could easily make the Zombie rise the ranks to an A or even S-Tier monster.

All C-Tier Monsters in Slime Legion

The Slime's character card in Slime Legion
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All of the C-Tier monsters are on the more basic side of things. They each have their own skills and uses, allowing them to fit into your teams while you unlock more monsters. Most of these I would use either as placeholders while obtaining stronger monsters or to assist monsters that are empowered by certain allies or enemy debuffs.

  • Apelet: The Apelet is a small monkey that throws bananas like boomerangs. This is helpful because the bananas will return to the Apelet, allowing them to hit approaching enemies from both the front and back. Despite this, its low damage and pretty standard skill kit make it a pretty average monster I wouldn’t reach for often.
  • Blackhat: The Blackhat is a skeleton pirate that attacks enemies as they enter its row. It has a 10% chance of applying the fear effect, dealing 100% extra damage to enemies that are afraid. He’s not the strongest monster, but he’ll serve you well in the lower chapters.
  • Cactus: The Cactus is a low-powered long-range fighter that has the potential to shoot in all four directions. Unfortunately, its slow reload time makes it a worse choice than other monsters to me. However, it can do decently well if combined with plant monsters like the Smelly Flower and the Cannibal Flower.
  • Clown: The Clown throws knives and applies the vulnerable status effect to enemies. Unlike most monsters, their abilities allow them to take the most advantage of their vulnerability debuff. They allow the Clown to do things like dealing extra damage to vulnerable enemies and stacking the vulnerability effect.
  • Death: Death is a skeleton that throws scythes at all enemies in its row. What makes it special is its ability to detonate burned enemies and its upgrade that gives it a 10% chance of doing 10x the damage to frozen enemies. The first is very helpful when fighting waves of enemies while the second could be a game-changer for boss battles.
  • Frost: Frost is a long-range attacker that hits enemies in the column it is in. Its ice magic can slow and freeze enemies, which is extremely helpful when taking on hordes of enemies.
  • Hades: Hades is the game’s S-Tier character that I would rank the lowest. He has a pretty basic kit that consists of throwing phantom swords and causing enemies to bleed. He also does an extra 200% damage to rooted enemies, but the usefulness of that ability is entirely dependent on the rest of your team.
  • Iron Fist: Iron First is one of the earlier monsters unlocked in Slime Legion. He has the knockback ability, which allows him to push weakened enemies backward one slot. While this ability is pretty limited by the health of the enemies, his Qi Blast ability makes up for this enough to place him in Tier C.
  • Little Deer: Like most C-Tier monsters, the Little Deer is a good starting point with a few special abilities. Specifically, they can grasp and root enemies as well as apply poison damage to them. They attack by throwing spears. If their spears are upgraded to penetrate, their damage will be reduced.
  • Little Devil: The Little Devil is another of the four starting monsters. Like the Slime, it’s a close-range fighter. It attacks splash to other enemies and can cause fire damage, but I find other fire users to be more effective.
  • Mummy: The Mummy is a poisonous fighter that attacks all enemies in its column. It can apply the corruption effect to enemies while dealing extra damage to poisoned enemies. If you’re planning on building up a poisonous team, he’s not a bad way to go.
  • Naga: The Naga uses the power of water to create tidal waves knocking enemies backward. From the start, their first upgrades give them a 1 in 5 chance of pushing two enemies back. The higher upgrades will increase the percentage and amount of enemies a bit, but not to such an extent that she’s very overpowered.
  • Night Terror: Night Terror is an aggressive teddy bear that attacks nearby enemies while potentially summoning bear spirits and curses to deal with others. When upgraded to Level 15, it will be able to increase its damage by up to 200% by killing enemies. While this is pretty good in theory, I struggled to get decent value out of Night Terror in fights, which made him the weak member of my team.
  • Rabi: Rabi is a fiery monster that deals extra damage against corrupted enemies. Their upgrades focus on their fireballs, from increasing how many are fired to making them explode on impact. They are a handy monster to use if you need a fire type, but they don’t do enough to justify a ranking above C.
  • Slime: The Slime is one of the four starting monsters in Slime Legion. It’s a trusty up-close fighter for the early stages. However, it’s easily replaced as you unlock new and stronger monsters.
  • Succubus: The Succubus is a crowd control monster that enchants enemies and freezes them in place. With their maximum upgrades, a Succubus has a 25% chance to enchant four enemies. They do more damage to enemies that are afraid. At the highest level, killing afraid enemies will raise their attack by 100% for five seconds. They’re a good crowd-control character but will be easily replaced by a character like Selena.
  • Yuffie: Yuffie is a kunai-throwing enemy that gives enemies the bleeding debuff. Her kunai can be upgraded to penetrate through multiple enemies, making them stronger against waves of lower-health foes. She’s good in the right team comp, but other attackers can do more.

All D-Tier Monsters in Slime Legion

The Goblin's character card in Slime Legion
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These D-Tier monsters are those that couldn’t stand up to even the starting monsters in a fight. Unlock them for the sake of gathering every kind of monster, but you’ll struggle to truly thrive with them

  • Chubby: Chubby is a physical fighter that slows enemies. His maximum range is 1.5 slots and his skills and damage just aren’t as high as other monsters. You’re better off using any of the starting four characters.
  • Engineer: The Engineer launches missiles at enemies within one slot. Their character is designed to be used alongside P.Bot because they can order P.Bots to fire their missiles. Players may get more value from the Engineer in a build with P.Bot, but there are alternatives out there with better damage and skills than using the Engineer alone.
  • Goblin: The Goblin is a common monster with the earth element. Its bomb attack is cool in theory, but it doesn’t do enough compared to other characters in the game.
  • Leviathan: As the name implies, the Leviathan is a water-type fighter that uses columns of water as its weapon of choice. He can knock back enemies and deal extra damage to corrupted enemies when upgraded. Unfortunately for him, he cannot compare to the water columns of Undine or the crowd-control abilities of monsters like Selena.
  • Oliver: Oliver is a light-element user who can unlock the ability to chain lightning between enemies. While this ability is cool, the Prophet does it in a better, more powerful way. I would equip him over Oliver any day.
  • Rocky: Rocky has a base attack of 25 and attacks by pushing stones toward enemies to crush them. It just doesn’t have enough damage, skills, or debuff abilities to make it worth using in combat. The most it can do is be upgraded to knockback enemies once it has been upgraded to level 15.

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