Soulmask: Super Thick Hidden Sources and Locations

One of the most sought after materials in Soul Mask is the Supreme Thick Hide. The main reason for this is that this material is used to create the Superior Thick Leather, which is the main item needed to create essential armor such as the Iron Suit in the game. So, if you need to learn how to get Premium Thick Hide, here is a detailed guide explaining the process.

How to get Premium Thick Hide in Soul Mask

To get Super Thick Hide in Soul Mask, you have to take off tough skins Elite Animals in the game. Below, you can find the list of such animals.

  • Elite Mammoth
  • Elite Elephant
  • Elite Bear
  • Elite Alligator
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While all of the animals above provide Premium Thick Hide, I recommend hunting Alligators as they are simple to defeat and easy to locate along the coastal areas of the map. Remember, you have to explore the world and gain knowledge from the scouts to know new positions of Elite Animals.

The Elite Animals location in Soulmask
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Above, I have included a map of the world containing the positions of Elite Animals. Go to those near the water bodies to find Elite Alligators in the game.

The Elite crocodile location in Soulmask
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My favorite is to farm this Elite Alligator (image above) located near the body of water near the western rain forest because it is an isolated place in the corner.

Soul mask charge for hunting elite
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I usually use something like an Iron Spear or Double Iron Blade defeat the Elite Alligator. Just avoid the twists and cut them at appropriate intervals to take them down. Also make sure the Elite Gator is alone and not surrounded by other smaller Gators.

How to make Super Thick Leather in Soul Mask

The Tanning Rack in Soulmask
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As mentioned before, the main reason to collect Premium Thick Hide is to process and convert it into Premium Thick Leather. To do this, you will need the help of a Tanning Rack. Collect the following materials to create the Tan Rack in Soul Rack.

  • x20 Branch
  • x 5 Thick Rope
The Ultimate Thick Leather Recipe Menu
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After you have made the Tanning Rack, use the following materials to make one Premium Thick Leather in the game.

  • x1 Premium Thick Hide
  • x1 Solar Fluid
  • x2 Lime

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