What is Capsule AO in Wuthering Waves?

A smooth running gameplay experience is key to succeeding in the latest open world gacha frenzy Wuthering Waves. The game has a surprising amount of graphical settings, so you might be asking yourself: What is Capsule AO? This guide has you covered.

Wuthering Waves: What is the Capsule AO in the graphics settings for?

For those wondering what Capsule AO actually means in Wuthering Waves, it does Capsular Surrounding Occlusion. If you are not yet familiar with the term Ambient Occlusion, then it can be defined as “a shading and imaging technique used to calculate how exposed each point in a scene is to ambient light.”

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What Ambient Occlusion basically dictates is whether an object or environment appears to have depth of shadows caused by the lighting in that specific environment. It’s a very common feature in modern games these days and is mostly an aesthetic choice, often at the expense of performance.

How to disable Capsule AO in WuWa

The main menu screen in Wuthering Waves, with a pink arrow pointing to the Settings icon in the lower right corner.
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If you’re trying to prioritize framerate and performance in Wuthering Waves, then my suggestion would be: disable Capsule AO completely in the game. To do this, simply open the game Main Menu and look at the Gear icon in the lower right corner.

The Graphics Settings menu in Wuthering Waves, with the Capsule AO setting highlighted.
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This will open the various WuWa settings, then you need to navigate to the small Image icon on the left toolbar to open the Graphics Settings. Once here, just scroll down until you see Capsule AO and turn it off. This should free up some crucial GPU processing power, increasing your frame rate as a result.

There are many other settings you can tweak to improve performance and stutter issues, as well as ways to waste your framerate, so be sure to spend some time in the Settings menu to best optimize your performance.

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