Wuthering Waves Silent History quest guide

As an open-world RPG title, Wuthering Waves is filled to the brim with a ton of challenging quests and one of them is known as Silent History. If you struggle with this challenge, don’t worry! I will walk you through all the relevant waypoints and puzzle solutions to complete the Silent History quest.

How to complete the Silent History quest in Wuthering Waves

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Your main objective during the Silent History quest is repair five different Lighthouses scattered across the map of Wuthering Waves. The quest description states “The lighthouse at Nameless Bay has lost power. Try to restore its power!” To start the challenge, you need to talk to the Infrastructure Division member NPC which spawns at Wuming Bay.

After you talk to the NPC, he will first ask you to put the battery in the base to launch the pulse. You can find the cell and its slot right next to the NPC spawn point. Simply pick up the cell with the interactive button and place it in the cell socket. Your next step is to hit all the nearby small pillars within 42 seconds. The final pillar will take you to the repair terminal where the real challenge begins.

Your goal now is to tie all the knots of the same color without crossing the wires. Here is the solution to this puzzle:

Lighthouse final puzzle solution in Wuthering Waves
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Once you enter the terminal, a set of coordinates will appear on the screen, leading you to a hidden treasure. I found the treasure right next to the massive rock but the location might be different for you.

All Lighthouse locations and puzzle solutions in Wuthering Waves

After looting the treasure, the second part of the Silent History quest begins, where you will hack the following lighthouse terminals and repair them:

Desorock Highland

Location of the Desorock Highland lighthouse and a solution to a puzzle in Wuthering Waves
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Forbidden Forest

Location of the Forbidden Forest lighthouse and puzzle solution in Wuthering Waves
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Weeping the Marsh of Aix

Location of the Frosting Harbor lighthouse and a solution to a puzzle in Wuthering Waves
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Central Plains

Central Plains lighthouse location and puzzle solution in Wuthering Waves
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After finding and repairing all 5 lighthouses, return to the Historian NPC in Jinzhou City and he will reward you with a Premium Supply chest for the completion of the Silent History quest in Wuthering Waves. Fortunately, the quest does not require any specific Union level, so you can complete it at any point in the game.

All Silent History quest rewards in Wuthering Waves

Completing the Silent History quest will give you the The Beacons Guide Us trophy and the following rewards in Wuthering Waves:

  • Astrites x40
  • Union EXP x50
  • Shell Credit x12000
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x1
  • Basic Resonance Potion x1

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