Animal Well Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The atmospheric new Metroidvania side scroller Animal Well is making big waves in the gaming world. But beginners might feel lost because it doesn’t hold your hand or give important clues. This guide will provide the best tips and tricks to set you on the right track.

Best Tips and Tricks for new players in Animal Well

Look for other routes if you are stuck

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Animal Well differs from most other Metroidvanias in that its levels are not rigidly linear. While the map is certainly interconnected, there is always several paths ahead in this stellar indie game. If you feel stuck on the path you’ve chosen, consider exploring the rest of the map. You might find an update you didn’t know you needed, opening up an older path you thought you had given up on. The main objective of the game – gathering four flames scattered across the map – is designed to be treated in multiple ways and therefore not in sequence. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Don’t forget to use the map (and Stamps)

The in-game map that you will regularly need to refer to in Beast Well.
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The map is your best friend in Animal Well. Be sure to refer to it regularly. Using it will teach you the arrangement of the world of the game, show you how different levels are linkedand reveal places you haven’t researched yet. And be sure to mark points of interest using the game Stamps mechanic. To do this, simply open your map with the Touchpad on Playstation controllers or the Choose key on all other controllers, so press either Y if you are using an Xbox controller or Triangle on a Playstation controller to select a stamp and place it wherever you need on your map.

Use firecrackers and candles to fend off enemies

Firecrackers explode in smoke in the Animal Well game.
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Even though Beast Well doesn’t have any real combat systems, that doesn’t mean you have to constantly run away from your enemies. The game provides you with two crucial tools to help distract and repel enemies: firecrackers and candles. Firecrackers can be thrown to ghosts throw away any spirits in your path, while candles may be lit in rooms where ghosts spawn. While they remain lit, the ghosts will not appear anymore.

Experiment with your items and upgrades

Your in-game inventory showing firecrackers in Beast Well.
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As I mentioned earlier, Animal Well’s items and upgrade system motivates you play with them to find new ways forward. to think combining together the effects of different items: the forward flight of the disc, floating bubbles raising you to higher places, the explosion of the firecrackers – some of these can be used together with great effect. And during some parts of the map and some puzzles requires you to have specific updates, be sure to check the ones you already have. They just might do the trick.

Be sure to continue playing after the end credits

The phone where you can save your game in Animal Well.
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When you finally reach the end of Beast Well, it might seem like that’s all the game has to offer. But you would be very wrong if you thought so. I offer you keep playing after you see the credits roll to fully explore this game rich world and scatter all that is his wonderful secrets. The main quest takes approx five to seven hours go through before you see the end credits. But there are easily hours and hours of extra things to do in this beautiful world.

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