How to get Peak and Recluse in Destiny 2 Into The Light

Two of the most praised weapons are returning to Destiny 2 as part of the long-awaited Into The Light DLC. Since getting my hands on them was a little difficult, check out this guide on how to get the Peak and the Recluse as easily as possible!

Destiny 2 Into the Light – How to win Peak and Recluse

Below you'll learn everything you need to know about obtaining the legendary Mountaintop and Recluse weapons in Destiny 2. We'll also discuss ways to complete the required tasks without much hassle, and the best weapons, gear, and general loadouts for the job.

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Destiny 2 Into The Light – How to find Peak and Recluse

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To get both the Peak and the Recluse, you just need to do complete the Onslaught: Playlist Horde mode, consisting of 10 enemy waves with scaling difficulty. Thanks to the Fireteam feature, up to three players can play this mode and change the chances of success in your favor.

Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Champions in Destiny 2 Into The Light
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Using the best loadout builds for Onslaught, you can go beyond the tenth wave and complete weekly challenges to earn Tier 1 Power Gear. To access Onslaught, you must have completed the Quest of Feats of Bravery by traveling to the Hall of Champions inside Into the Light and finding Shaxx.

To complete the Trophy of Bravery, you must achieve Power Level 1810 completing missions and getting better gear to increase it. If you need a helping hand, the chest is calling The Gift of the Thunder Gods placed next to Shaxx will provide you with new gear.

Once you have reached the Power Level, go back to Shaxx and interact with a BRAVE chest beside him by spending 10 Trophies of Bravery. Repeat the process until you have obtained the Peak and the Recluse.

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