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Aside from farming for materials or fruit, trading is the best way to interact with other players and build your inventory. While trading is simple, many new players often pay more for their items, unaware of the market value of their items. So, if you are an amateur playing and learning the ropes of the game, here is a Value List of all items in King Legacy and their average market price for your reference.

King Legacy Value List – All Items

For your convenience, I have carefully compiled a comprehensive list of all items in King Legacy, including fruits, weapons, materials and other packages, along with their average market value. This comprehensive resource, backed by extensive research, will provide you with the knowledge of the value of each item, enabling you to make informed trading decisions.

item Value (Fins)
2x expir (12 Hours) 2
Abyss Sentinel Armor 3
Abyssal Stone 5
Acrocyte 4
Water Anchor 1
Avalon 1
Authentic Triple Katana 1
Blaze Stone 8
Bloodsight Stone 3
Cervus 1
Coffin Boat 20
Conqueror Ability 80
Crab Armor 165
Cyborg V2 22
Dark Bearded Hat 1
Dawn Cleaver 1
Disappointment Stone 0.5
Pasta Fruit 9
Dragon Necklace 1
ethereal 8
Floffy Eyes 1
Fruit Position No Requirement
Galle Stone 9
Gate Fruit 7
Glacier Stone 3
Glacier Shoulder 1
Green Dryadalis 1
Infernal Cloak 3-4
Item Drop x2 25
Legacy Pose 10
It would be long 2
Lucidus Manto 1
Metal Fin 3
Nativitatis 1
Night Blade 30
Night Necklace 6
Ocean Tentacle 3
One Mask 1
Phoenix Blade 2
Phoenix Blade V2 24
Pumpkin Smasher 4
Quest Money x2 No Requirement
Race Rewind 2
Wands of Flame 2
Sentinel Armor 1
Shadow Cloak 1
Stat Reset 1
Sweet Lozenge 2
Storms Stone 3
Hold Mask 1
Tomoe Taiko 1
Toy Fruit 3
XP Crown 4

King Legacy Materials Value List

item Value (Fins)
x2000 Carrots 1
x2000 Scraps 1
x4 Ghost of the Sea 1
x350 Leather 1
x3 Lost Rubies 1
x15 Coral 1
x15 Dragon Scales 1
x5 Essence of Fire 1
x250 Fresh Fish 1
x300 Feathers 1
x400 Marine Artifacts 1
x50 Ice Crystal 1
x500 Iron Ingots 1
x500 Pile of Bones 1
x75 Magma Crystal 1
x8 Dragon Sacrifices 1
x20 Vampire’s Vital Fluid 1
x25 Blood of a Sea King 1
x30 Shark Fin 1
x5 Samurai Bandage 1
x15 Shark dog 1
x150 Thief’s Rags 1
x15 Twilight orb 1
x1 Hydra tail 4
x1 Phoenix Tear 6

How to trade in King Legacy?

Picture of Zillas YT

Before learning to trade, only players above level 250 can trade items with other players in the game. Once you are level 250 you can follow the given steps.

  • Open King Legacy and reach the main menu.
  • Click the double arrow icon at the top left of the main UI bar.
  • Click on the player you want to trade in the new window and send them a trade invite.
  • Once they accept an invitation, you will find the trading window where you can start trading with the player.

What is Roblox King Legacy?

King Legacy is not just a popular Roblox game; it is an exciting adventure inspired by the popular manga/anime —One Piece. Like its inspiration, the game lets you explore various islands, fight enemies, and complete quests to level up and gain powerful abilities. I highly recommend playing this experience if you love one piece games like Blox Fruits or Grand Piece Online.

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