Wuthering Waves – All current banner characters, ranked

There is a great list of characters in the game, but some of the best ones you will have to be pulling banners. Here are all the current banner characters ranked in Wuthering Waves so you know if you should pull them or not.

All characters from the current Wuthering Waves banner lined up

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The current banner ‘Rule the Endless Night’ is up June 12, 2024. The banner has a five-star Jiyan, along with the four-star Danjin, Chixia, and Mortefi. The four-star characters can be summoned with speed.

4. Chixia

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Chixia is already acquired by the main story quests, so getting her on a banner pull isn’t really ideal. Unless you’re looking to get her entire Resonance Chain to buff her (which you’ll likely get some from this banner). She has very basic skillespecially compared to Mortefi, who is on the same banner.

3. Danjin

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Danjin is a primary DPS Havoc Resonator. She will do a lot of damage when you to combine her basic attack with her Resonance Skill, so you should try to chain them often. She is quite useful to have on the team, and I especially enjoy her Resonant Release as she attacks aggressively with her dual blades, dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time.

2. To die

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To die is a shooter Resonator, but he is mostly not on the field when he’s on your team, mostly because of his Resonant Release. It will charge quite quickly, and when he activates it, all team members will receive Burning Rhapsody for a short time. This means that when they attack, he will also attack, dealing double damage and supporting the rest of the team. If he’s on the field, though, he’s got a pretty cool one, too crowd control because his Resonance Skill can knock down smaller enemies.

1. Jiyan

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As the single five-star on the banner, of course, you’d want to pull him. Besides that, he is one of the best units in the game. A primary DPS carry that deals with many AoE damage across both basic and heavy attacks, Jiyan is a necessity on a team. Focus on his though Strong attacks when you use him, because that’s where a lot of his damage comes from.

If you’re still not sure whether to pull this banner, go to the events tab and find the Ascendant Aces event. Here, you can test out all the characters from the banner to see if they suit your playstyle. When you complete the challenge, you’ll also receive great rewards, so even more reason to try this event.

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